DOW Senses/Metaphorical – Keyglove


The Keyglove is an innovative new way to interact with your technology. A wearable, wireless, open-source input device,



  • Gaming
  • Design
  • Art
  • Music
  • Data Entry
  • Device Control
  • 3D Object Manipulation
  • Inexpensive telepresence



  • Customizable touch combinations and gestures
  • Entering text data through the touch sensors
  • Controlling of mouse
  • Switching between applications
  • Performing multiple operations with a single action
  • Pairing it in games to equip weapons – similar to Vive Controllers


Alphabet Input

The design of the glove allows for multi-sensor combinations and hence, exponentially increases the number of possibilities than many other glove-based input devices. There’s 37 contact sensors and controller software that makes it possible to implement the entire English alphabet using simple one-to-one sensor contacts.

As of now, the Keyglove is still of the prototype stage and is still undergoing trial and testing.


Advantages of Keyglove

  • Complementary accessory for current technology since it’s standalone, multi-featured for the wearable computing market.
  • Eliminates the need for the keyboard
  • Perfect for handicapped or disabled users who are prone to or suffer from RSI ( Repetitive Strain Injury) – related injuries.


Disadvantages of Keyglove

  • Too many customizations might lead to confusion. Takes a long time to get used to it and might not replace the keyboard in the long run.
  • Intrusive as users need to spend the additional time wearing the glove. This means that the size of the glove is also an important factor in deciding whether it fits the user and whether it is comfortable

Things to improve

  • The user interface must be friendly and intuitive as there are so many functions to remember –
  • Needs to be packaged up to hide the wirings and circuitry.



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