Everyday Objects with a Twist – Inhibition Project


  1. 1.
    a feeling that makes one self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way.

Everyday objects that look ordinary but possesses inhibiting factors.
The idea behind this project is to prove the point that psychological and visual elements play  large part in causing one to become inhibited against an object.

For instance, upon closer inspection, the grass jellies are actually not what they seem to be. Instead they are actually “Pubic Hair”. Due to the order in which the objects are viewed, the last bottle titled “Natural Honey Lemon” implies something more unpleasant due to the visual elements from the other objects which in fact, it is just ordinary Honey Lemon.


(Grass-Jelly with Pubic Hair)

(Mcdonalds Burger with real leaves)

(Thread made from human hair)

(Fries with red slime as chilli)

(Tampons as Cigarettes)

(Natural Honey Lemon or Pee)

This was a really tough project in terms of idea generation as the topic itself is out of the norm. I came up with a variety of ideas such as putting red slime into a soft toy and slime babies but to no avail, the ideas didn’t work out. I chose to implement this project as i thought it would give the strongest impression but i felt like i could have done better.

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