Evocative Objects – Sound Design Preliminary Ideas

Evocative Objects

Project Brief

A new project which revolves around the creation of a sound artwork which couples with a physical everyday object found around school.


Creating a myriad of sound that plays / fills in the quietness from the moment a person puts a coin into a vending machine and when it dispenses out the item.

Vending Machine - Revamped on Behance:

Imagine when you press a button to call for that delicious beef burger you really want… the sound of a mooing cow is silenced suddenly by a sharp “Zing!” of a sharp metal knife…  Your beef burger then drops to the dispensing tray.

For this sound piece, i would like to emphasis on the problems of animal cruelty and global warming that we face globally. 


The link above brings you to a page in which shows how animals are treated cruelly and inhumanely in production factories. I believe that we consumers should at least have some knowledge and insight into where and how we are getting our food.


As this project is not something that i can achieve technically, I would like to head in the direction of interactive media.  I intend on illustrating a vending machine similar to the above picture and then maybe annotating buttons onto the machine so that when the user interacts with it, a sound will play alongside with the food dispensed.  As this is something new, i am excited about how it’ll turn out.

Inspirational Artworks

The Happiness Factory – Coca Cola Commercial 2007

An old but gold commercial which features the journey of how a coca cola bottle gets dispensed in a vending machine.  At first, i was planning on using this similar idea – creating a soundtrack that conveys a journey of the coke can. However, i believe that this is too expansive and that the sound has to relate to the object directly.

Wintergatan – Marble Machine

“if you had a machine like this in 1500… You would called a god of music or a wizard… ” – random Youtube comment

This video gives me this sort of magical and awestruck sensation every time i watch it. I was amazed by the fact that someone had the engineering capabilities to create such a product masterpiece and the fact that it produced such beautiful sounds with only the use of hand held rotor and marbles just seals the deal for me. This is a true inspiration so please check him out,

Dato Duo

As a fan of electro dance music, i love the sound of synthesizers. One thing that really inspired me from this product is the ease and simplicity of sound creation. Just a few pushes of the buttons and tweaking with the knobs, there you go. A really clean and solid soundtrack is produced. Kudos to the inventors.

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