Final Outcome


Project Emo is finally done!

After five weeks of messy and tedious work, I’m glad to say that the outcome was satisfying even though i believe there’s always still room for improvement. IMG_5069

It was a rocky start at first as i struggled to find the emotions to express myself. Without an aim in mind, process making therefore came to a standstill. Most of the outcomes at this point of time were fully experimental and random to say the least.

IMG_4827Some of the first few works

In addition, i was focused more on the aesthetics of the journal which shouldn’t be the case as the process was the crux.

IMG_5077Salvador Dali was one of the inspirations

IMG_5079Andre Masson

Eventually, i got a wake-up call from prof to take a step back from work and to just chill! That really help as it allowed me to see things from another perspective such as through using the cropping tool – which allowed for more possibilities of design. IMG_4960

Slowly but surely, i started developing the techniques and began churning out the emotions like a popcorn machine. IMG_4978First batch of attempts with aim in mind


I was kind of happy with these batch of products as i had an aim in mind.

IMG_5014Even tried experimenting with wax


Soon, i affixed and mounted the final works. It turned out great!

IMG_5083 IMG_5076 IMG_5075 IMG_5082Few pages from the journal

Overall, this project has really helped me to get used to expressing myself vocally and visually and i believe that i could use the knowledge of whatever i have taken away to future upcoming projects!

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