Fortune Telling Test Video



I tried to do a test run for the Final Broadcast Live to run through the flow of the whole performance.

There were certain issues that came up.

#1. At first, I wanted to use the laptop’s camera to do the live¬†broadcast. However, I realized that the laptop does not have the ability to invite people into the stream which is my main purpose; to have an actual conversation with a person live through the third space. As such, I switched to mobile facebook live.

#2. I realized that people were also hesitant and unwilling to show their face on the stream as this was the initial privacy issue that I figured would happen. However, I have yet to have a proper conversation with someone as of now.

#3. Last but not least, I felt like the flow needs to be improved – I plan to make it more comical at first and then when barriers are broken down, I’ll switch to something much more comfortable.




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