Hyper Essay #1 Proposal – Fortune Telling


The idea behind fortune telling is that there is a mutual connection between both the participant and the fortune teller which facilitates the idea of the third space acting as a medium which transfers messages to and fro different virtual spaces.

In fortune telling, the ability to see a person’s future is truly fascinating. In order to achieve this feat, the fortune teller has to have an immensely strong connection with the participants and I would like to test the boundaries of whether this connection can be established in the third space or through virtual spaces. 

In addition, we always have the idea that the use of the internet is for communicating with one another. As such, we have skype, twitch and many other platforms which allow us to talk to one another through the third space. However, sometimes all of these conversations are mostly surface level. For instance, calling up friends to chat and participate in games, discussing about group work, etc.  I would like to push those boundaries  in which both the participant and I will both breakthrough surface level conversation and go into something deeper.

Concept: I would like to explore the idea of Privacy and Intimacy on the third space through live broadcasting. Just like Paul sermon’s project on Telematic Dreaming, people who are strangers came and connected with Paul just by lying on the bed and having that surreal connection through the third space. How is it that people actually find it comfortable to lie on the bed with another stranger without experiencing any discomfort or awkwardness. As such, I would like to explore the idea of how intimate the viewer and myself can get while the invisible boundaries of privacy are being taken down as we broadcast live.



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