Look where we are now

 Artwork by Natures Heavenly Art, Etsy


Bridging the gap between traditional artists and the way they communicate is the Open Source Studio. This platform serves as a place for budding artists and designers to establish a portfolio for themselves as well as to have unrestricted access to different artistic materials and resources to add to their creative inspiration.

A portfolio is ultimately the most important for a creative as it paints the picture of who and what this artist is about. Essentially, it represents one’s style and that is key for whether an employer wants you or not. What OSS is good at is keeping track of your work and shares it over your “networked personal computer providing an instantaneous flow of information” to your friends and people around the world. That saves you the time for creating your own website which could be a hassle for people who want to just upload their works.

In the world, especially in Singapore where everything and anything is profit-driven, budding artists and designers find it hard to get access to free materials without actually paying for it. With that, OSS serves as an online portal in which users can access other artists work and draw inspiration from that. There is also a commenting system which facilitates closer communication between artists.

Similar to a tree, we started off communicating through written letters and over the years, technology has branched out so quickly that that communication barrier in the past has been torn down and OSS is only just one of the mediums that serve to fulfill Marshall Mcluhan’s prophecy of a global village.

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