Modular Construction & Lightshade

Luminos Galactios
Lighted Galaxy – seeing the stars and galaxies through the lightshade

For the last project,it’s a combination of fragments of the modular construction project we did previously.

meteroDiamond Sem 


Mushroom Sem

Final product





Three coiled copper wires are used as the main supports over the circular wooden base.

We then added the triangular patchworks by soldering smaller copper wires.

Patchwork Fillings
Opacity 0% – Paper
Opacity 60% – Dense Mesh
Opacity 30% – Sparse Mesh
Opacity 10
0% – Empty Spaces

We used the bronze crystalline texture of the diamond and the mesh and spherical balls modules of the mushroom.

It was certainly the most enjoyable project of them all!

The End

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