Music Festival ft. Martin Garrix

I wanted to create a music festival effect in which you take the place of Martin Garrix (DJ) and lights flash over the place.
I started with the original template and slowly worked with what I had to produce this effect.  Just like in previous times, facial recognition was used to draw the facial points which were then incorporated into Martin’s face.

After that, I wanted a lighting effect which revolves playing with the hue of the background. The patcher is called jit.hue. Accompanied with a randomizer,  the patcher gives off a colourful partyish vibe.

Soundtrack and lights are added in the form of a aiff file and a movie. They are later blended together using the alpha blend patcher.

Martin’s face is then  added on top of the different layers to map over the user’s face. I used jit.brcosa to control the brightness, contrast and saturation of his face and this helps in blending as well as making the face pop.


This is the final blueprint for the patcher.  I tried using an alpha mask to soften the edges of the face as well as photoshopped the face (Softening the sides)  but to no avail as the edges still remained harsh.

I’ll try to make the face tracking smoother as right now, it is still jittery and flickers from time to time.


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