Split Screen – Chris Ft. MEOW MEOW MARK

Link to video:


Presenting Split Screen Live!

We had three ideas.

1. I throw tissue,  Mark receives

2. Mark farts, I get blown away

3. We share a virtual earpiece


The idea of having the split screen is to try out a different way of communicating and interacting with others in the third space. Communication is often through text, or video. However, there is something that we often fail to observe and that is the borders of the Third Space. By making using of the borders of the facebook live video, we are able to create two different virtual spaces/dimension which is separated by a border. To make this dimension border believable, it is our jobs as artists to perform acts that make it seem as though we are both connected despite being in different spaces.

To be honest, going on live is a fearful thing as I do not like the idea of showing my face to the public. However, I felt that the idea of the split screen serves as reassurance due to the fact that you are actually live with a friend in which you can do crazy stuff with him. As such, even though we are adding borders to viewing, we are actually removing personal borders in our lives.

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