Storyboard – Finale

Hey ya friends!

Project 1 has finally come to an end and i would like to say that it has been quite an interesting and thought-experimenting journey.I would like to say that my class people are one of the most creative people with their own personal style to their creations which results in diversity of work.

Coming to the storyboard,
The first picture shows James Van Graham as a boy sitting on the edge of the moon and stars… 


So… One day, James was searching the web which he didn’t know would get him into so much trouble. 

The sunflower at the background represents longevity and happiness which is actually a juxtaposition to his near future. 


Stumbling into the darkness of the deep web, James got entrapped into the hands of someone or something much more sinister…


Feeling that something was amiss, James decided to log out from the deep web. Just before he could shut down his computer, a white box popped up at the corner of the screen saying…


Feeling a sense of paranoia… James called out to his parents. Awhile later, His dad’s head stuck out the door at a weird angle, followed by his mom. Momentarily… a tall man dressed in a long cloak emerged from the darkness, holding on to the severed heads of the couple…



After completing the designs, I felt that this storyboard was more like individual posters symbolizing each scene rather than an actual storyboard itself. As such, the context of text becomes an important aspect in contributing to the flow of the story as without the text, the viewer may get lost.

In conclusion, i have learnt and seen many techniques through this project and i cannot wait to apply what i have learnt to my future projects!

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