Winkbars – Handlebars to Guide You Home

Wink Bars 


Nowadays, bicycles are fully geared up with accessories such as your phone, speedometer, headlights etc.  The more gadgets you have attached to your bike, the more distracted you are from what you love most. Wink Bar aims to simplify all of that into one sleek and clean concept while maintaining most of the functions required. The tech is integrated into the handlebar with no screens in sight. Instead, it pairs to your smartphone via Bluetooth to offer navigation using lights to guide your every turn.


Bike tracking system to counter theft

The bike has a tracking and alarm system and it is connected to your mobile. You can track its location in the event you cannot find it or someone has stolen it.
* the tracking feature is offered for 3 months, then a subscription of 1.99 € / month.

This is useful for forgetful people who don’t really remember where they park their bike, but not a revolutionary feature. The fact that information is being uploaded to a server means that the company is already using your details to generate a pattern from your lifestyle and cycling path.

GPS Navigation

Helps you find your way around easily. It has a guidance system to ensure that you travel around safely. The guidance system consists of blinking lights that guide you on each and every turn you make. This might reduce the complexity of the normal screen checking and makes it simple to navigate. However, I feel that sometimes it is good to get a rough knowledge of where you are going and where you are at now rather than just having a bunch of blinking lights guide you.

Smart Flashlights

Makes yourself more visible to the surrounding. 224 lumens for visibility at any time. The lights are integrated within the handlebars, reducing the need for any external holders and reducing the chance of people stealing the accessories. 224 lumens is not that bright as compared to standard headlights for bicycles.

Dedicated mobile application.

A simple and intuitive application which keeps track of ur fitness statistics such as distance, duration, calories burned for each ride. If you are a cycling enthusiast then this might be useful.


Add ons

I feel that the handlebars could add on a speedometer function. In which the number of lights will increase accordingly to how fast you cycle. So 20km/h you will see 4/6 led lights being lighted up and 40km/h will result in all 6 led lights being lighted up.

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