4D II Project 2 – Soundscape

Artist Statement

This was inspired by the peacefulness I felt when I hear rain after a long day and how sometimes, rain can also be an anxiety trigger. So, I wanted my soundscape to be about an emotional journey of someone having to go through social pressure and having to cope with it through the soothing sounds of rain.

Concept Development

My concept first started with being inspired from a book called Walden by Henry David Thoreu in which it was a book about living in natural surroundings and it talks a lot about living on your own and discovering yourself. After that, it was also inspired by the fact that Singapore had been raining so much lately that it makes me take a moment to appreciate the feeling of rain, the sounds, the smell and feeling about it.

So I went with recording it with the focus on towards the sounds of rain and I slowly had a more clear concept of how I wanted it to be a journey of someone, a day in a life of a person who goes through social anxiety each day.

So, like a day in a life of someone who lives through and copes with it through the sound of rain to calm her down.

Challenges was that recording didn’t seem to be as smooth as there will always be unwanted sounds such as my neighbor talking outside for so long and scolding their kids, sounds of construction and hacking being picked up and my family themselves not being able to keep quiet.

Another challenge was whether my concept was clear as it was abstract and whether it was relatable as it was inspired from books I’ve read that I wished to depict into sounds that were only a few minutes long.

4D II Project 1 – Alter Ego

 Alter Ego 

Password: ego
Director & Story: Zerline Jade
Actor & Narration: Sammi Neo
 복주네 치킨집 (Bok Joo's Family Chicken Restaurant) by Various Artists,
 못난이 삼인방 (A Mischievous Triangle) by Various Artists,
 비만클리닉? (Obesity Clinic?) by Various Artists,
 What?? by Various Artists

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