Week 03 Journal – Art from West Africa

I think the part about these Eurocentric narratives, it is described that the explorers “discovered” these continents as if the continents have not been settled by others. The history is written from a Eurocentric perspective and only emphasizes on that view thus, many other perspectives from other travellers and thus, History isn’t fully revealed. Thus, having a biased narrative continue to shape our “history” of the world can be misleading as readers would only have knowledge about one side of the story and only remember an Eurocentric “famous” explorer. Thus, this emphasizes of how people should continue to be critical about the information they take; different way of seeing, and find out more of the full narrative. Continue reading Week 03 Journal – Art from West Africa

Project 2 Part II: Zine (Process + Final)


Before I began on my zine, I had wanted to focus on the theme of “People” from researching Boon Keng since it was a neighbourhood specially made for people and a very unique community of diversities; the old and young & diverse ethnic groups and religions living together.

Therefore, I wanted to focus on the people’s different AGES and CULTURES living in a small peaceful neighbourhood; loving together & interacting. Continue reading Project 2 Part II: Zine (Process + Final)

Individual Artists’ Research

I picked these three works for research as it uses the space creatively they are given for their performance, be it physically or in the case of the 21st Century, the Internet, utilized creatively . As the artists’ thought of their platforms, they are able to collect the response they had wanted to achieve or even a response at all.

I believe I can reference these artists when it comes to choosing a specific location in ADM. It will make me think of what can my audience feel and get to respond or interact through that location. Continue reading Individual Artists’ Research