Project 1: Giraffe made from ‘Junk’

The Seven Dwarfs and some pans

Two weeks ago, the class met up at Thieves’ Market at Sungei Rd at 1 30pm and there we were to buy materials that would be appropriate for our project, which was to make an animal.

I walked through the market at least 3 times under the blazing sun, finding something interesting that pops out and was interesting for me to buy. I still didn’t have an animal in my as I was looking for any object that would just be ‘right‘ for an animal that anyone could easily identify it.

However, I didn’t buy anything else from the market other than sharing some utensils with Valantia… They were sharp fondue forks with a wooden handle and I thought the wooden part, if it were to but cut apart, it would be good of a use for a body. But, I went back to Uncle Hong’s shop and staring at the spare parts he was selling.

The many gears and extra small parts Uncle Hong was selling at his shop near Thieves' market
The many gears and extra small parts Uncle Hong was selling at his shop near Thieves’ market

There, the long springs and tiny gears and twirled up wires gave me the inspiration of what type of animal I should be doing… A Giraffe!

That’s when I took the time to contemplate on how many should I buy, how many do I really need, how will I be able to stick them together and imagine how the ending result should look like. And when I was satisfied, that’s when I purchased the items I needed.


On Week 3, the class started assembling their scraps together they found both at home and from the market. I had some last minute materials such as the pull tabs from a milo can (and ST’s drink too hahaha) and some of my unused accessories I left stored at home. I picked them under the impression that they would look together because of colours and how it would fit my ending product and went to class with lots of items.

I took quite a lot of time figuring it how to piece them together with minimal cutting and more of it sticking together.

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
Was stuck here on the torso + legs for such a long period of time

I had figured that when I bent the legs together and had the metal pull tabs from the can stuck together, I could make my Giraffe stand on it’s own as the pull tabs secured the legs well. There wasn’t a need for glue however, I added it just in case.

For at least 30 minutes to an hour, I was stuck at bottom part of the Giraffe. I was thinking of how I could make it work for the body as it seemed incomplete and added my old bangle over it, and just nice, there was an extra length of metal for my Giraffe’s tail.

It took me a whole another half an hour to think of how to put the head on without an aid and simply letting it able to have the Giraffe’s neck up high. I placed a crocodile pin to fit into the long spring and then cut leather part of the bangle so I slot the long metal spring in.

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
Front view…
Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
And the better view of the Giraffe

Thus, this is my end result of my Giraffe on the end of Week 4’s class.

I was happy that my classmates immediately identified it as a Giraffe but I think I could improved on it better if I took more thought into it and maybe stop being afraid of cutting. If there were more time, I would have found an alternative to my Giraffe’s tail and would have made it more proportioned and less heavy 🙂

This was a good first hand experience for me when it came to 3D as back in SP Digital Animation, we did sculpting using Super Sculpey gray and beige clay and I was much more satisfied with my first sculpture here in ADM. smile

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