Project 1: Que Sera Sera Final

Here are the final compositions after being presented on Thursday, and project critique added in, along with my reflections.


I presented it in a landscape manner, like in animation storyboards, it will be aligned up horizontally in one line so the viewer can read it easily, from left to right, just like how you read normally.

I wanted the fluidity of the story to be clear so I used light/dull/saturated colors to show that it is the past at the start then by the end, it is bright and vivid to make it more current and recent.

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
Feedback also given by classmates through post-it notes
Processed with VSCO with se3 preset
After presentation…

Project Critique
Instructor’s Feedback

– Transitions are clear
– Colors worked well
– The compositions show you’re narrative
– 1st and 2nd are strong
– For the 3rd composition, it was suggested that the letters to be part of the background/ integrate with the elements

Classmates’ Feedback

– Clara : Color scheme looks good, the handwriting
– Celine: The flowers being used through out, the consistency and the calligraphy


When I received the project brief, I was very hesitant because it was personal and it was regarding about future jobs. But when I started looking for the jobs, I felt inspired and knew what I wanted to depict in my 4 compositions.

During the consultations, I felt that the feedback given by both instructors’ and classmates’ really helped as they give a new perspective to my compositions therefore, having constructive feedback. This makes me learn and work on a developed compositions.

After presentations too, I was able to learn from my classmates on the mediums they used, the techniques and improvements they’ve made while they’re explaining as everyone have different strengths and styles that I could learn from so, I’m very thankful to be in this class.


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