Project 1: Que Sera Sera Process

Project Brief

This project was to create typographic portraits by using our name or nicknames to describe your future job. Each solution has to have the choice of typeface, style, size, weight ,use of upper and lower case characters, as well as space in between letters.

The aim was to to use typography as an end in itself, minimizing supporting imagery. 


So I started off with finding the names I’m called with in everyday life. Since my full name is rather long, my nicknames were normally shortened.
Full name: Anag Zerline Jade Ordonio

NicknamesZer, Zerline, ZJ, Zerline Jade, Jade

Afterwards, I thought back about the jobs I had wanted now and before
Future Jobs: Illustrator, Concept Artist, Floral Designer, Artist, Teacher, Actress

After listing down, I wanted to focus on Illustrator and Floral Designer as these two jobs shaped on how I do my work and art as I am currently pursuing as an illustrator.

Artists’ References
This project started from the need of practice typography and wanting to do something nice. I love color, typography, taking photos, side projects and play with photoshop, and this project include a little bit of all that! I hope you enjoy it as much as…: 
Jenifer Blanco Monzon
I wanted to referenced her use of interaction of the something physical like the ice-cream cone, and the suggested outline of ice-cream through the use of typography
Aleksandr Gusakor
His use of flowers and plants made me attracted to his work but also I wanted to reference him because of how his work seemed like paper handcrafted and how each stem of the flower interacted with the letters instead of being two separate things.
Poster by Forés Martin, 2011, XXVI edition Moors and Christians, Banyeres Mariola, Valancia. (S): 
Fores Martin
The photo manipulation of one letter was something I wanted to reference from and give a very straight forward interaction with the typeface
Pop-of-Color-gif-larger-website.gifMarmalade Bleue
The use of the elements of Balloons to form the type face and even the balloon strings are very clear so I wanted to reference that especially of the job 'Flower Designer', giving me the opportunity to work with flowers to form my name.
 Papercut Type by Andrea Ferrandis: 
Andrea Ferrandis
The use of paper craft and how detailed it was something that attracted and gave me ideas on how I'd do about with my work. Especially how outside of the letter, the form of the flowers sprout form and continues.
 Floral typography by Emma Luk, Shillington Graduate.: 
Emma Luk
The idea of using flowers to literally interact with the typeface was a very creative idea especially in going about the job, Flower Designer. 
 Poster by Xavier Esclusa M32 / Hairdressers on Behance: 
Xavier Esclusa Trias
Same as Aleksandor, I wanted the elements to interact with the type face, twisting and forming around the text.
A fellow designer from tumblr that I've been following, and I wanted to follow the compositions he does with his edits as it is also along the likes of Ikebana, where it uses a lot of empty space for the audience to look into the composition of the typographic portrait.


I chose a color scheme that I’m very comfortable to work with and I’m normally associated with.

Flower Designer

img_0610I made sketches on the first week based on my research. I was considering the materials to look on and how it’d interact with the type of my name.

Since the first job was “Flower Designer”, I had referenced from artists that work with flowers.

Two elements that I had wanted to narrate over in the 2 Panels of Flower Designer was that in the 1st Design, I wanted to depict about Ikebana. In sketches, I was thinking of using paper cut with a mix of flowers, the use of real flowers and photographing it.

But since my second job for my narrative was Illustrator, it was something digital therefore I went with something I was comfortable, therefore, I didn’t do anything handcrafted other than, calligraphy and then some photo manipulation.

I wanted my narrative/ message with two jobs chosen, Flower Designer & Illustrator, to be that sometimes the past can shape your future and a journey to go through it. 

Panel 1 : Ikebana
  1. Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement which has spiritual aspects such as helping to live in the moment and it inspires to identify with beauty. It has a very asymmetrical form. The use of empty space as an essential feature of composition which is along the lines of Yin & Yang, therefore giving sense of harmony.

    After consultation with Joy, I was told that it was better without the Sans Serif ‘Z’ behind the flower arrangement as it brings the focus away from what I’m trying to say. The letter ‘Z’ was then more clear in the photo-manipulation of the flowers.

img_0612Afterwards, I worked on developing on my sketches to develop ideas especially for the 2nd panel. 

Since I decided that in the presentation, it would be read from left to right, I wanted to play with that and therefore focused more on the flowers fading away to the right.

Joy had suggested the fading away of a dream, lost of interest or the change which caused another dream and to depict it so I thought of 
 1. Fading of Flowers 
2. Lack of monetary means so the change of materials used in the name 
3. Flowers being burnt in the edges of the name
Panel 2: Fading Flowers

Since I wanted the 4 panels to be a on-going narrative I wanted the 2nd panel to be similar to both the 1st panel and 3rd panel, like a transition. So I made the flowers fade away from the end of my name ‘Zerline’, like a part of me has moved away from this dream and start a new chapter, so represented by the book.

I changed from sans serif font to using my own calligraphy that I had image traced it from my own notebook;

To make the narrative flow more for the 2nd panel, after consultation, it was suggested to make the flower/petals to interact with the book instead of making it a separate entity. So I make it flow into the book and come out of it to show that it’s a new chapter.

Another Ikebana arrangement was added at the start of the name to show that it was related to the 1st panel and that everything isn’t separate since I wanted all 4 to be related to my message.

img_0611img_0613For illustrator, I wanted it to feel "home made" and authentic so I made my name handwritten with calligraphy. Also, I wanted to add the part about illustrating digitally, so I had made my own drawings into it.

I wanted the panels to be quickly identified as "Illustrator" so I added elements of the programs and items that illustrators use such as Program windows, Wacom, Wacom pens, brushes, Computer, etc.
Panel 3: New Love

During consultation, I was only working in progress for the second job. But I chose the idea of using a program window to make it clear i wanted to be a digital illustrator.

I also used my drawings to show that I genuinely drew them on my own, so something like “Outline art” to show that this dream is a work in progress. This was done purely digitally but after consultation, it felt that the two jobs didn’t relate and look separate because of the mediums used looked very different.

During consultation, it was suggested that the flowers/petals from the previous panel to come over the 3rd panel so it would look related and connected, making my message more clear.

There were still drawings but I wanted it to interact with the photographed flowers as a transition of mediums. 

Panel 4: My Illustrated Self
Click on image to see animation of the process of this drawing

I had illustrated myself in the middle of drawing/ as an illustrator and to show that I am happy with what I’m doing. It was my drawing style and also I wanted to play with the idea of ink as a representative of hand-drawn drawings so I used my own calligraphy of my name that was also shown in the 3rd panel;

After consultation, to make all 4 panels to look like a composite whole, Joy suggested to have all flower/plant related elements to be all photographs while everything else to be illustrated, like in the 1st panel, the pot is drawn instead of a photo.

And overall, the background colours to also be in line with the flow of the narrative so to make it connect, the 1st panel to the last panel, it was suggested to by gradient of colors. 

So I decided to make it to go with dull/ saturated (as Flower Designer was a job I wanted in the past) to brighter (as Illustrator is a job I’m aiming to go towards now)

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