Project 2 “I got a jar of dirt”

So, it’s a new project and I have chosen movie scenes that are one of the most iconic movie moments that are recognizable.

Here are some movie quotes I have chosen; I haven’t really gotten down to 3 but I would have by the time I’ve started on sketching up some ideas for my silk screened tote bag cool They are far most the very iconic scenes / quotes from these movies and it felt like a wonderful idea to recreate them in my own way through wingdings …


Little Miss Sunshine
Okay. Everybody just pretend to be normal, okay?:


Pirates of the Caribbean
Image result for I got a jar of dirt

The Dark Knight
Image result for if you're good at something, never do it for free

The Great Gatsby
Image result for the great gatsby movie quotes tumblr

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Image result for the grand budapest hotel iconic quotes

Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Image result for scott pilgrim vs the world iconic quotes

Spirited Away
Image result for spirited away iconic quotes

Howl’s Moving Castle

The Help
Image result for the help quotes tumblr

Mean Girls 
Image result for mean girls quotes tumblr

Well yeah, I really do need to narrow it down which means time for some researching and trying to do the designs as soon as possible laughing

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