Project 2 Part I: Infographic

My neighborhood that my Info graphic is about
Boon Keng

After the research I found from my visit there and my interviews with people living there, I shared about how Boon Keng has diverse cultures and different types of people of all walks of life living in that tiny subzone.

In which I felt it was like a “summarized version of Singapore” because of the variety of religions, races, ages and also food found in Boon Keng. After group consultation with Joy, the idea of “Boon Keng being a Summary of Singapore” was brought upon well and could’ve worked well in the infographic.

So I researched on infographics that worked well with that idea;

직장인들, 하루 평균 10시간 55분 회사서 보내 [인포그래픽] #worker / #Infographic ⓒ 비주얼다이브 무단 복사·전재·재배포 금지: 직장인들, 하루 평균 10시간 55분 회사서 보내 [인포그래픽]
ae744f47f6a7d8524e1f65b95b174743.jpg 1,000×4,435픽셀: by Visual Dive

First, I wanted to use more photographs to show more of Boon Keng as not many people know about the neighbourhood so I wanted to show the beauty of it captured from pictures than having them illustrated as having them illustrated, people won’t be able to identify them.

Before that, I colour picked colours that we ideal in to portray Boon Keng; and used the third one as it were bright and more eye catching for readers.

So, my first draft of the infographic became a more factual one of infographic:

However, I wasn’t satisfied with the layouts and also my infographic didn’t relay my Infographic Research at all and felt very wordy. So I went to refer to another infographic;


So, I made it into a travel guide into Boon Keng, that would works well with the idea of when you only have little time in Singapore so, going to Boon Keng would help you appreciated the authenticity of Singapore quickly;

So as my final infographic, I made into a half day guide, starting from lunch time and then ending the trip after dinner. So tourists could experience in only half a day.

I made the trip according to the convenience of moving from place to place and also taking the accordance of the time. 

The feedback after presentation was that for the final infographic, there should be more facts from the first few drafts of my infographic instead of completely omitting them as tourists would also need those facts.

Other feedback was that colors were well pick so I believe I’ll continue to use the colors for my Zine to keep the authenticity of Boon Keng. I think to improve my infographic, I’ll add more facts that I’ve researched into the infographic. And instead of pink, I’ll use a light red in which it is prominently found in Bendemeer Shopping Mall and also depicts Singapore’s main national colours.


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