Project 3: Mis en Scene

Stay Well

Director: Zerline Jade
Actors: Audrelia Lim, Lydia Lui, Namita Kumar
Music: My Love by Lee Ha Yi
Password: G01

The 6 Lines for my group are…
1. I have to go.
2. Do you think this is really alright?
3. What do you mean?
4. I really have to.
5. You know… Just go ahead.
6. Goodbye.

I took this project with the concept of someone leaving and at first I thought it would work in a romantic genre but I went for one that I could relate with more where I did have a friend leaving for the USA before so I was able to create an atmosphere and the urgency of having to catch up and bid goodbye to a friend. This film however is the other way round where the main character was not able to greet her friend properly off so there is regret.

And just for fun; I  had asked my friends Yesung and Sabrina to help me so I was able to do a Korean version since the filters, setting, compositions are inspired and referenced from the many films I watched from Korea. I took the idea of the use of pastel, how they cut quickly to the next scene to show what is only needed -which achieves enough information to come across, establishing shots to depict that there is a change in place and also some parts that needed to be emphasized to be a little longer.

And here’s a [Behind the Scenes]



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