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This story revolves around a guy who just woken up from two-year coma, with no recollection of what happened before he landed in the hospital. However, he soon was transported back into the past, specifically his 21st birthday, as soon as he falls asleep in the hospital bed. He slowly becomes aware of his ability and uncovers the truth as to what landed him in the hospital.

As he slowly discovers the truth, would Kevin be able to change the past for a chance at a better future?


It starts off with Kevin waking up in the hospital. This is the exposition shot for the entire trailer; the present, where Kevin was in a comatose for the past two years. His parents were happy that he was awake.

However, through checks with the nurse, she deduced that Kevin could not remember anything before two years ago. As he continues to survey where he was, he drifted off to sleep.

He was awoken by a flick on the face by his girlfriend, Ariel. Confused, he went off with her, after being told that they would be celebrating his 21st together. Still unaware of what was going on, they continued their date. Ariel handed him his present hidden in his wallet, telling him to open it when he gets back home.

The realisation Kevin happens when he drops his wallet, that he has lived through this timeline before. However, he doesn’t seem to know the tragedy that would happen. With snippets of him realising the tragedy, he wakes up, calling Ariel’s name. It ends of with him forcing himself to sleep, trying to get back to the past.


  • J-walk in between Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Devan Nair Institute. 
  • Huimin’s room in Pioneer Hall 
  • A Carpark at Jurong East.


  • Apocalypse Now opening sequence (shot reverse shot with main character and the fan and the window)


  • ERASED Anime – Our story inspiration.

 SHOTS: (mostly intended and some unintended but nice ones to mention)

  • POV Shots of protagonist Kevin for the audience to relate and feel for.
  • Usage of horizontal lines to create calm atmosphere.


  • Shot Reverse Shot between Kevin and Ariel, Kevin and his parents and Kevin and the nurse.


  • Usage of Extreme close ups on Kevin’s face for extra focus that the video would be about him (and he’s point of view)
  • (Inverted) triangle composition gives depth.



I’m extremely thankful to be able to partner with great group mates that were fixed on the main goal of doing our very best to make the trailer work. We delegated specific roles to each person to issue an ultimatum to tough decisions. But other than that, we worked together in many aspects, be it storyboarding, casting, the sourcing of props, and even the editing.

All of us definitely learnt immensely through this project about trailers; how to shoot enough yet retaining enough suspense to keep viewers anticipated for the actually film. We struggled through what to place in our film. Due to its complicating storyline (having to deal with time travelling without wanting to say it explicitly in the trailer), we really thought hard about the different scenes.

Regarding the the trailer:

Initially, we shot and included how Ariel dies into the trailer. However, we realised that we were giving the story away. Thus, we decided to rid off the accident and head towards the direction of ambiguity at the ending.

I think one improvement we could have done if we had the opportunity to reshoot was to add another scene. Maybe showing Kevin doing something in the past that was slightly different (e.g. making a mark on his arm), and then juxtapose it with the present, revealing that the mark really appeared the in the present, would help confirm Kevin’s ability to travel through time, thus giving him all the motivation to change the past.

Also, I agree with the suggestion given from the class, to expand more on the mystery behind Ariel’s accident, to create more suspense to the trailer.

Other than that, I really liked our trailer a lot, in terms of the cinematography and the cross between the present and the past, with a possible future to be rewritten.