Reference to Everything

Project Analog : Digital : Research: Study 100 Lights/Pavillion: Physical & Screen based: UX BePartArt: UX Making Spaces: 3 words:     Read more →


Study DIGITAL The first movie is ” Grand Budapest Hotel”. This is such a charming movie, famous for it colour tones, witty humour and clever use of space. I like how each scene is carefully planned and each object is meticulously selected for the space. He is so strict with his style and it shows through. The whole movie is… Read more →

Interactive Two

  CHOPE! CHOPE! CHOPE! An interactive 2 project by Tisya and Jiaman   The power of this tiny tissue paper packet grows x10 when placed on a table during lunch time at Maxwell. What it represent according to the Singaporean unspoken rule is a reserved space. To mark a hungry CBD worker territory. BREAK THE RULE AND YOU HAVE 1000000000… Read more →

Minimalist exhibition: Reflections

The work I have chosen is Tatsuo Miyajima’s Innumerable Life / Buddha.     It wasn’t the first project I wanted to write about on my visit to the gallery, however, further research on his art-piece got me intrigue. The “innumerable life” talks about the power of the individual within a networked whole. A giant wall filled with numbers counting down… Read more →

Project Management – Week 03

I really enjoyed this reading.   It reminded me on the importance of reflecting on my projects and the responsibility I have to take as a designer. Theres a need to care for my own design ability, the designs I produce, and how the world will be changed by my design ideas and decisions.  It also touches on the” purpose”… Read more →

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