Assignment 3 Ideation: Illustration for Packaging



So I want to do something fun and silly for project 3, since my last project was quite serious. I started ideating and I kept getting ideas about FOOD. I’m just really hungry and hangry (hungry+angry) during class.


So the first idea was a YOUTIAO! YouTiao is a singaporean/ asian breakfast. It has a really strange story. About some villagers who decided to fry two strips of dough to celebrate the death of an evil ruler and his wife. Nice…


OK next idea.


Theres a big event going on now. ITS THE DURIAN SEASON! I love durian and the thought of packaging durian was really exciting. It’s always packaged in ugly styrofoam boxes, so why not try a classier or more modern approach?


Maybe pushing it more? A modern approach to durian eating? Structured, clean and neat? Or high-class durian, just like how the Japanese packaged their prized melons or strawberries?


Although I feel like doing this. I don’t really want to touch the way we eat durian. It’s a very special ritual and each step is precious and nostalgic. Back to square one…




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