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Project Management – Week 03

I really enjoyed this reading.   It reminded me on the importance of reflecting on my projects and the responsibility I have to take as a designer. Theres a need to care for my own design ability, the designs I produce, and how the world will be changed by my design ideas and decisions.  It also touches on the” purpose”… Read more →

Michelangelo Pistoletto Reflection

  I’m confused. I don’t think I fully understand what Michelangelo Pistoletto envision is on the, Third Paradise (begun in 2004). However I learned about his way of viewing society as an artist, the importance of questioning everything and the beauty of accidental discovery.   The Short Film. During his talk in the Auditorium,  Michelangelo Pistoletto begin his explanation of his experience creating the… Read more →

Jiaman Hey!

  Biography Jiaman is an aspiring interactive designer and artist, based in Singapore. She is currently pursuing a bachelor in Interactive Media at the School of Art, Design & Media in NTU. With a background in Visual communications, majoring in Advertising, she believes in combining technology and graphic design to create immersive and multi-sensory works for her audiences. Bringing out human stories… Read more →


Laser Graffiti video ok so this is the video we are trying to make.. ok no stress… everything is going to be ok..     So I did the same thing.. open the patch and turn everything on… this time I admit.. I am very lost and I’m not sure if I have enough time for this..Looks like I can’t… Read more →


HELLO, I was sick during this class… SO I WILL TRY MY BEST! OK first open the file and press every trigger button :). Nothing really happened.. there’s four red boxes and they are really not reacting. So i decided to edit the threshold and somehow they worked ok! Next I know there’s sound.  I entered [p playsound] and the… Read more →

MIGRATION : Final Project

  MIGRATION This project aims to embody the essence of bird migration, migration paths and geographical locations that birds visit. The migration patterns of birds extend beyond merely moving from one place to another; it is a symbol of interconnectedness, not just between countries, but also between species as bird often transport plant matter and seeds on their bodies while… Read more →

FINAL ArtWorks & Reflections

FINAL  I feel that the transparent material really does bring the idea of trapping air and I really wanted a mockup that could present this. I tried to find new mockups to replace the ones I had. So here’s the new version, that presents the transparent materials of the posters and tickets.   AIR COLLECTORS MOVEMENT Inspired by the Air collector… Read more →

Air Collectors Movement – Illustration Assignment 3

AIR COLLECTORS MOVEMENT Inspired by the Air collector “Alvin Grimes”, this is a branding project for an Air Collectors event in Singapore. Leave no Air Unbottled-  From Mountain Airs, Stadium Aromas and Deadly Farts! The Air collectors Movement gathers all Air lovers and Collectors for an Airy Event at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. The idea behind the branding is to… Read more →

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