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More Print Making

CHINESE INK & A BRUSH After our second class I researched on mark making and found some quite interesting styles and ideas. I took out my Chinese ink and a brunch of dried and old brushes and started painting on my paper. I didn’t have a clear idea of the finished product. I just painted different angles, styles and just… Read more →

Artist Research

  Laura Charlton She has a very interesting monoprint style that I really like. She uses old boxes, opens them and monoprints them. The monoprints she creates reminds me of buildings or machines. I followed her style and started playing with the ink I use (Chinese ink or acrylic paint), the amount of paint I use and the area where… Read more →

Mark Making Tool

For the first week of class we were asked to create our mark making tool. I was quite confused. What is a mark making tool? I started collecting random stuff from the kitchen. Mushrooms, broccoli, a fruit net, dried prunes, chilli and some  vegetables. (HAHA) I dipped them in Chinese ink and started stamping them on my sketch book. I… Read more →

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