Class Assignment: IAmBradPitt


Today I will be trying our class assignment Brad Pitt.

First thing I did was to load it up! I CHANGED INTO Brad Pit!!


He looks a bit strange on me.. not blended well and I can’t really see him.

I decided to change his face into someone else… into a robot 🙂 Edited a ghost in the shell image and loaded it in.

After loading it in WEW now it looks like a BAO.  (clear, usedstdim 1, dst dimstart $1 $2, distdimend $3 $4) to get the coordinates of the face so the image can be blended there.


So I decided to change some stuff. I need to stretch the face… but every time I change things.. the image disappears… 🙁 This is what I manage to do.

Jit.alphablend to blend the image into the original face, lower number more of the right input matrix and higher number more of left input matrix. Theres this route nfaces that when I changed the number to 4, it worked quite well.


3. Slightly better?


4. Lastly I changed Jit.fastblur , I reduced @mode to make the image clearer. OK THIS IS WHERE I AM.

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