I was sick during this class… SO I WILL TRY MY BEST!

OK first open the file and press every trigger button :).

Nothing really happened.. there’s four red boxes and they are really not reacting. So i decided to edit the threshold and somehow they worked ok!

Next I know there’s sound.  I entered [p playsound] and the sounds won’t really working so I reloaded them.


Next, I went into [p grabsequence] and played with the boxes. Made one really fat, hehe,  but I didn’t really know the order of things….



I went back to OSS and started learning from my brilliant classmates :]. OK SO THE BOXES. ITS ACTUALLY, [box 1, x1,y1,x2, y2] ! It makes so much sense! So edited them into this nice long boxes and added one more for fun! I also needed to get out of the camera and trigger the button so it knows thats the background! This is so that when an object enters the space, the camera will detect the difference and it will send a trigger.


I realised every time the box is triggered it send a message to [s step1] , and it is send out yo my sequencer area from [r step1].. So I updated accordingly. Looks like i need to make 8.

Next how to get the sound working with the trigger boxes. HMM. At this point I am thinking [s TrigSound] should send a message to [r trigsound]. So I edited accordingly. What does 122 in [p playsound] do? I detached input 2 from the number and changed it to 1! OMG THE SOUND PLAYS AND ITS SO NOISY!! IT KEEPS REACTING!! WHY. OH its because I didn’t off the other buttons..Haha…..



At least now, something is reacting and it looks good. The thing no is everything is reacting and triggering the same sound. So i guess, we can’t just but [r tigsound], we need to link each to a specific sound. So created individual [r trigsound1] & [s trigsound1]..It works pretty well!



Last thing I need to do is the images. I assume its [s pix2]. OH, so if theres a tigger image 1 plays and if there is none, image 2 plays. OK thats cool 🙂 Added all 6 sounds and trigger boxes!



password: sound


I actually enjoyed this more then usual! Will try to edit more of it during the holidays! Now it’s time to move on!


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