Interactive Media ll (mirror mirror)

So Vienna and I teamed up to tackle this project. We started by watching some tutorials online and breaking down the final project file. We re-created the project step by step and understanding what each message, icon and object does.


Heres our first video. We took awhile to understand what (qmetro) does and how it will affect the video. (p) was really useful in organising the codes, we learnt about input and output. One question we have is if (sel 1 0) is necessary.



Next we started creating (p faces)! At first, I thought I could play around and change (P faces) to (P MYBIGFACE)… but it didn’t really I sort of.. get it. We then looked in to the code and understand how it is detecting our faces. However we are still unsure about the four buttons at the right side. We started playing around with them and changing the number to (>4) will detect out faces better and not jump around the screen. Theres also a colour bar which we though could change the colour on the video but now we are not sure. I have to admit, the most exciting part is learning that we could change the colours of the boxes and connectors. (RAINBOW TIME)



The next few parts have no video. We will upload them soon.



We got really frustrated here at (p area2brightness). It took awhile to understand what ($1 100) does and (Line 0 50), what we concluded is that it is the amount of time the brightness changes to black get brighter. Next was understand how (Peak) works. We also removed the top right part as we didn’t find it necessary and it didn’t make sense to us!  One BIG mistake we made here was creating a number box without the extra dot (0.), it took really long to find this mistake!!! We also changed (scale 0 12345 0. 1.) to (scale 0 5000 0. 1.).



This is what we have for now. This is not the final version. We had a problem as the numbers were not appearing and we realised it’s because the number box had no dot (0.), a silly mistake. The next step is to better understand how split works, (p avg4) and (pweightdavg4). We’re almost there!

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