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After our second class I researched on mark making and found some quite interesting styles and ideas.

I took out my Chinese ink and a brunch of dried and old brushes and started painting on my paper.

I didn’t have a clear idea of the finished product. I just painted different angles, styles and just let myself go.

I also followed Laura Chalton and  used open boxes. I played around with the different paint and the amount of paint. I wanted to emphasis on the sides of the boxes and started painting only at the ends of the box.

I also flattened ribbons and strings to create dynamic angles and lines.


After consulting INA, she told me my lines were very organic and I should create more straight lines.  I went back to the workroom.

I used an old mark making tool which I had forgotten to use. It was strings wrapped around an old namecard box. It created an interesting pattern.

I also dripped paint onto my paper and started blowing. Allowing the paint to flow whereever it wanted to go.

Blowing harder on the blob of paint also causes it to split  creating this branch like line.

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