Project 3: Ego , FINAL


So here’s my final artworks for Project EGO.


0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006 0007 0008 0009 0010 0011 0012




0001 0002 0003

I WANT TO PLAY + The endless workload and responsibilities I have (Chinese words: Day and Night) = My reaction to it (Japanese words: I AM TIRED)


I created a more child like persona for my “Play” to show my unwillingness to grow up and to stay in this carefree world. For “Endless workload”, the staircase shows this never ending torture, the moon in the center, the giant sun at the back of the two girls and the Chinese words, Day and Night, represents this constant work, 24/7. For “Tired” the girl (me) on the swing, showing that I want to play, but my body language bent back (Me avoiding workload) and the paper planes as if it is going to stab me (representing my responsibilities killing me).



0004 0005 0006


I love listening to music + Long road trips with music = This personal space I’ve created (Solitude)


“My love” My legs hugging the earpiece. “Road trips”, I’ve designed it in a way it looks like an album cover, theres a CD in the middle and a car going around it as if it’s a road, there are mountains inside in the CD and they come together to show the road trips I experience with my family. “Solitude”, to me the feeling I get when I’m listening to music during long car rides is the same as swimming in the pool. You shut away from everything else and enjoy this personal space you have created.


0007 0008 0009

My Identity (Chinese words: Identity) + Being influenced by the people around me (Chinese words: Left and Right) = Learning to just be yourself (Chinese words: Not to care)


As I grew older I’ve learn to accept myself and not change to please others.

“Identity”, the red cheek represents my identity. “Influence”, the different legs and shoes shows different people with different personalities, and the strings flow down as if they are controlling a puppet at the bottom. “Be yourself”, my posture in an insecure and curled up position but the words on me, “don’t ask don’t care”, telling myself to not question my identity, but to embrace it.


0010 0011 0012


I LOVE TO TALK (Chinese words: use to describe a group of people talking non stop) + MY FAMILY and our dinner time conversations = HOW THEY SEE ME, JIAMAN WHO KEEPS TALKING


“I LOVE TALKING”, it’s just me and I want to share everything with my family. “Family”, I always feel that dinner is the most important time for a family, where we come together share our stories and enjoy a meal. “Never ending” sometimes I talk to much and I feel this is how my family sees me, like a list of words spilling out of my mouth.



My Inspirations:

How I Illustrate:

My colour selection:


Hope you enjoyed my work~



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