FINAL ArtWorks & Reflections


I feel that the transparent material really does bring the idea of trapping air and I really wanted a mockup that could present this. I tried to find new mockups to replace the ones I had. So here’s the new version, that presents the transparent materials of the posters and tickets.



Inspired by the Air collector “Alvin Grimes”, this is a branding project for an Air Collectors event in Singapore. Leave no Air Unbottled-  From Mountain Airs, Stadium Aromas and Deadly Farts! The Air collectors Movement gathers all Air lovers and Collectors for an Airy Event at Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

The idea behind the branding is to illustrate all Air lovers and Collectors as they celebrate their love for Air. They are illustrated in wacky, awkward positions and situations as they bottle the air around them or when they open it up! For this event, Air lovers are given a poster, tickets, instructions on the proper way to bottle air, a holder for the instructions and tickets and lastly an empty bottle/jar for them to capture the Air!

In an urban space

My event will be held in a urban space where there’s music, lots of movement and very raw textures. It targets the young, bold and strange audience (that’s me) and I wanted the poster to be place at areas where they socialise and have fun! I also wanted to make this event a cool one! ( I mean.. it is cool to collect air…) I’ve also decided to create tote bags because I was curious! I love them!


Reflections on Project 3

I guess the greatest takeaway from Project 3 is to do something you like! We have the freedom to choose on university and we should make us of it! I was really lost and confused at the start because I wanted to do something funny to cheer myself up because I was feeling slightly stressed from all the submissions. To come up with the illustrations and ideas for this project, I had to put myself in the consumers shoes. To make sure I laugh! What will they like? What will attract them to attend this event? It is a funny project so everything had to be unexpected and make the audience go ” WHAT WHY!”. I wanted this to be like a celebrations with the tone and attitude of the guy in the “Collect Air” video. It must be funny but they are dead serious about collecting quality Air. I guess some of the problems I faced was firstly, the poses and movement of the characters need to be funny and relevant, I watched and copied poses from silly videos. Secondly, to create the tone and voice of this campaign, I’m not very good with words so I had some difficulty. Lastly, finding mockups….Oh my gosh, I chose to use transparent paper and I’m glad I did but to find the mock ups is really horrible..decided to print instead! At the end, I think I appreciate good quality Air more and maybe I will continue this project for another class!



Reflections For Illustrations for Designers

It has been fun! YAY! The ideation process, the chance to try out new styles and methods and encouragement and positive vibes in the class really made Illustrations for designers and enjoyable elective. Its a breather from my coding and technical classes in Interactive Media. I love visual communications and this class reminded me to look back at my works and remember I am a designer, not a technical person. I should be looking at projects from a creative perspective not how it can be done! My approach to the three projects has always been, firstly what I want to achieve and learn, how can it be applied to the brief and lastly, do I enjoy it! I am more familiar with digital painting now and coming up with the ideas, research and insights had been more fun then usual. I learn weird stalking stories for my project two and learn about  silly poses and hobbies for project 3. I’ve been laughing as I design my works from project 1-3. I am very motivated in this class and the standard and ideas coming from my classmates is what drives me to work harder for each project. I enjoy learning about everyone styles and I could see that we are all improving! So thank you everyone in class, you have awesome!! I am so glad I manage to make new friends in this class and everyone has been really encouraging. Also thank you prof Lisa for being so open, encouraging and active in creating a very positive vibe in the class!  SO EVERYONE PLEASE SAY HI WHEN WE SEE EACH OTHER IN SCHOOL! Cheers!!!


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