Sketches and Ideation


My Focus

Here are some of the areas I want to focus on.


  1. Controlling the LOVE OBJECT

In more extreme cases, the one with the disorder will want to control the love object’s movement and life. It’s as if he has become the love object.




2. From the Perspective of the Love Object.

Did an interview with someone who was the love object of someone suffering from this disorder. His story was quite extreme and throughout the incident, he felt really trapped. The person relied on the obsession for comfort and it was somehow the thing that kept her going.  As the love object, do you comfort the person because she’s “sick”?



3. You’re the apple of my eye

My most prized possession. It’s an ideal love that does not exist.




Sketches and thumbnails





So this is what I have for now!

I have been asking around for stories that might be about ” Obsessive Love Disorder”. It is interesting to know the point of view of the one suffering and the love object and how people approach this problem.

It’s shocking to know that many people do experience this. If you do have a story and you’re willing to share, please tell me!!



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