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Project 3: Ego (Final)

This is my final project for 2D Foundation I: Ego.
For the concept, I divided my ego into myself in four different places and different role.


 1. Carefree + Singapore = Discipline


For the first context I want to show myself as a student. And the main place for my education is Singapore as I first got the opportunity to study there 2011 in Singapore until now. I used the addition sign as it is something that Singapore culture (especially education culture) is really an essence that has been constantly added to my life as a student.

CarefreeCarefree: It represents myself as a student before coming to Singapore when I was more free and able to do anything I want without thinking much of the consequences. I was much more selfish and ignorant towards my studies back then.  The carefree ness in me was represented by the position of the paper. Its orientation is not align to show my carefree ness and how I trying to escape learning. The crumpled rice paper also represents part of me. The colour is mainly orange to show my immaturity and pink to represent actually my love to study which make me want to escape to normal way and finding my own learning.


Singapore: As a student, my Singapore includes pictures of the hostels I stayed before together with the schools I went to. I put wire mesh on top of it to represents the rules and confinement I feel in Singapore. There are many rules like curfew and study time. As such, I felt that me in Singapore is confining and limiting in many ways here, especially in term of physical freedom. It is really different from back then when en I was able to freely do whatever I wanted, including in what CCA I want (not what I need) and how I want to spend my leisure (not feeling guilty for not studying). The colour blue represents intellectual which is how I see Singapore education. And not only that, these were the period when I had my ‘blue’ period that has shaped me the way I am now (not only as a student, more as a person in general) and as such I personally feel this colour is most suitable for my Singapore.’


Discipline: It shows me what I have become after years immersing myself with the education culture of Singapore. As can be seen, the rice paper that previously represented me as ‘Carefree’ is greatly influenced by the blue colour of Singapore. At the same time, the pink paper is now weaved into the wire mesh, representing that I am following the rules and regulations especially in the way I am learning. Also, the orientation of the paper is right as well which means as a student I am more on the right track now. The colour is combination of the both previous panel. Showing how as a carefree student I integrated to Singapore education system and slowly but surely becomes a more discipline person. There are many ways and aspect where Singapore has influenced me and discipline is one of the most significant one as a student.

2. Expressive – Indonesia = Faceless

This time my role is as an Indonesian. Even though I have been living in Singapore and become more-like Singaporean (especially the way I think), I am still a proud Indonesian. The sign is subtraction sign to show what will happen to me if Indonesia is taken out of me.


Expressive: I want to show that I am someone with many ways of saying things (sometimes I unconciously do exxagerated gesture when I am excited), something that I show most of the time when I am speaking in Indonesian. It is a scanned picture of me trying to be expressive and conveying many emotions, added by red and orange pattern to even enhance the idea of expressiveness as both are striking colours which show energy, excitement, and fun. Also added by pattern from leaves and twigs which represents my Indonesia to show that my expressive trait is something that has been nurtured from my identity as an Indonesian.


Indonesia: The main idea of my Indonesia is batik and nature. I want to combine the first thought when people see Indonesia and what is mine. I used google image to search Indonesia, the very common result are the photos of many natural tourist spots in Indonesia. And personally my first thought was batik. As such, the main characters of my Indonesia are nature and batik. In addition, the red-white background which is the Indonesian flag colour, I pasted batik and leaves and twigs (represents nature) to create the shape of Garuda Pancasila, which is the national emblem of Indonesia.  The colour is around yellow-green. Green for the nature and yellow is around the gold colour of Garuda Pancasila. While the red colour also serves as the transition from the ‘Expressive’ previous composition.


Faceless (defined as lacking character or individuality): It is the same picture as the ‘Expressive’ however it gives different feeling as the colour  theme is changed. It has the pattern of pale blue to show the blueness. While part of the face and fingers are sewed on with thread to cover the identity and show the idea of facelessness. At the same time, blue colour psychologically represents the lack of emotion, coldness and aloofness as well as the idea of sadness. In short, it represents my blue misery and loss of identity and characteristics of me, in the case that Indonesia is ever taken out of me.

3. Creative x ADM = Passion


This is my role as an artist. The place is ADM as it is the place I learn most about art. Actually I never thought I will go to an art school, it was a hobby and I didn’t learn art formally before. But I can say that being able to enrol to ADM is one of the best blessing I ever received in my life. I use multiplication sign to show that the way my passion for art is really raised in ADM, and it is something that will keep on repeating and going on. As such, it is not merely adding for me, but much more than that hence multiplication.


Creative: Creativity is personally what I feel as an important characteristic that every artist to have, something that I want to keep on developing along the way. It is represented by the purple violet paint drip and yellow green paint splash. I used red violet as the main colour as it means creativity, imagination and passion which for me really describe the creative. On the other side I contrast it with yellow green to get the complementary harmony which add vibrancy, energy and visibility to the creativity. Meanwhile, at the same time exist the vertical yellow green pattern which represents the routine and repeated habit (not creative) in order to contrast the striking creativity and normal.


ADM: A very important place for me as a growing artist is ADM. The ADM is represented by the drawing of ADM building. Also, at the same time I personalise it by adding photos of various different projects that I have done during my Foundation period. I also used complementary colour to emphasise on the vibrancy and energy that I personally feel in my ADM journey so far.


Passion: Handling the many projects and assignments from ADM, a very important drive that has kept me going is passion. The very first thing that remind me of passion is fire, which is the red shape in the middle of the composition. The colour of the surrounding is the combination of the previous 2 composition (half left from ‘Creative’ and half right from ‘ADM’). In a way, this composition is really the summary of me as an artist at the moment. And also my hope for the burning desire to stay along my whole journey.

4. Me + Home = Complete


Lastly, it is my role as a person. I used addition as my home is really a very important piece that I need to complete me as an individual.


Me: It is simply just me. I tried to keep it simple and really choose a simple colour to keep it mild because I really want it to simply say ‘Hey it is me! Everything here is just me the way I am!’.


Home: For me, home is not merely the hose but more to the people in it. As such, my home is represented by the collage of my family member in their own way how I see each of them. For my Dad, I see him as someone who always try to be seen as a serious person (but he is not) that I chose his picture while wearing shade that makes him looks more serious. My Mom is someone who always cheerful and happy in every situation. My younger brother is an adventurous person who always want to try new things such as the sand board he is holding when he first play it. Then my little sister is a very girly and cute girl who likes to do different poses and asks me to take pictures of her, like the one she is posing on the composition. So my family is basically home for me. I choose the colour blue green as I when I google search: family gathering poster, many of the poster are blue and green, which I feel suit my family also.


Complete: I really want to show that me and home is complete and enough for me. I used black and white family photo layered by acetate paper of three primary colour of red, yellow and blue. As these colours are primary colours, I want to show that this composition is a primary, significant and important for me as a person, which is my family and I.

So yes, those are my Ego for Foundation 2D final project. For me, it is a very personal project that maybe only me can fully understand the feeling and meaning behind everything. But I really hope you can understand it as well.  This final project really made my 2D journey more private. Sadly, I think this will be my last post for 2D Foundation I this year. I would also take the chance to thank Ina as a very supportive and positive tutor. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy this post :’D.
2D has been fun :’)


Project 3: Ego (Process)

Hi! This is my first post for my  2D Final Project: Ego.
This post is about the inspiration, process and colour theory of each composition.
Click here to see the final composition.

coba-ini-minInitial Inspiration:
Most of my inspiration is from the book that Ms Ina lent me, Drawn to Stitch by Gwen Hedley. Starting from that book, I research more books in the library which finally lead to the ideation for my Ego composition.

Drawn to Stitch
Drawn to Stitch by Gwen Hedley

General Process:
I used watercolour paper for all the base.
For colour, I used Carand’ache Neocolor II in which I used it as oil pastel first then I added water to activate the colour.
There are some which have printed paper pasted on and some other materials.

1. Carefree + Singapore = Discipline


Inspiration: Fiber Art Today by Carol K. Russell

Fiber Art Today
Fiber Art Today

Carefree: It was made by first colouring the rice paper with the oil pastel then adding water to make the colour spread. Then colour the paper as well. Then colour the long paper.

Singapore: paste the photo, then colour the background with blue. then cut wire mesh and paste it by sewing it to the paper.

Discipline: Same process as carefree for the crumpled rice paper, and wire for the Singapore.

Some pictures during the process

Colour theory:


Carefree: Analogous harmony of red to yellow. I used this warm colour to show the happiness and excitement before I came to Singapore.

Singapore: Analogous harmony of blue green to blue violet. It is a likely colour for me as blue represents sadness, the confinement within rules and regulations.

Discipline: Analogous harmony of warm and cool. The balance between carefree and Singapore culture which results in discipline me.

2. Expressive – Indonesia = Faceless


The main idea is from Pinterest’s C. Scanface post where people scan their faces and body part. Ms Ina told me that I can use this method as a way to express me in the compostion.scanface

Expressive: I printed the scan imaged of me being expressive, add the leaves pattern using white colour pencil and red oil pastel.  Using sewing machine, I created the pattern using red and orange thread. Trim the sides of the picture to make it more expressive. Then connect the thread to the second composition.

Some scanned images
The chosen scanned image

Indonesia: First colour the paper read and white as the background. I cut some batik and collected some leave and twigs. then I pasted it with the shape of Garuda by using sewing machine. Then connect the thread to the third composition.


Faceless: Using the same printed scan image, create the pattern using dark blue and pale blue thread. Trim the sides of the picture to make it more blue.

Some pictures during the process

Colour theory:

colour-2This three compositions have many neutral colours like black and white.

Expressive: Analogous harmony or red and red orange
I want to focus more on the energy in red hence it is a very warm and expressive.

Indonesia: Analogous harmony of yellow and yellow green + red
The composition is mainly yellow green as I used very leaves and purposely picked greenish batik.

Faceless: Analogous harmony of blue green and blue to create the sadness and blue of the lack of identity.

This three composition is makes split complementary harmony when combined together. This is because I want to create a strong visual contrast between the ‘Expressive’ and ‘Faceless’.

3. Creative x ADM = Passion


Inspiration: Ghada Amer Red diagonals.


Ghada Amer (Egypt, b. 1963), "Red Diagonales," 2000. Arcylic, embroidery and gel medium on canvas, 72 × 72 in. (182.9 cm x 182.9 cm).
Ghada Amer (Egypt, b. 1963), “Red Diagonales,” 2000. Arcylic, embroidery and gel medium on canvas, 72 × 72 in. (182.9 cm x 182.9 cm).

Creative:  I created the splash and drip using oil pastel.Then I created the pattern using green and yellow using sewing machine.

ADM: I painted the ADM building using oil pastel then pasted photos of my work there.

Passion: I coloured the background using oil pastel then sew the fire shape using sewing machine.

Some pictures during the process

Colour theory:

Creative: Accented analogic of red violet and yellow to green.
If we break down the relationship, the red violet and yellow green (complementary) gives strong visual contrast which help to emphasise the creativity feature while the green and yellow thread, split complementary of the red-violet, help enhancing the contrast and vibrant of red purple.

ADM: Accented analogic of blue violet and orange to yellow.
The complementary blue and orange contrasts the responsible of blue and happiness of orange, which I feel in ADM.

Passion: Analogous harmony of warm and cool.
This colour scheme really balance the composition and give an interesting harmony. The richness in colour give the feeling of fullness for the passion.

4. Me + Home = Complete


Inspiration: A HUMUMENT by Tom Phillips.

A HUMUMENT by Tom Phillips

Me and Home: Firstly, I cut and give some colour to the photos with threshold effect. Using newspaper as the base, I pasted my photo and outline it with black non water soluble oil pastel. Also, using the same tools created the black wavy pattern

Complete: I prepared black and white threshold photo of my family, then I prepared strips of red, yellow and blue acetate paper. Arrange it in order vertically then horizontally.

Some pictures during the process

Colour theory:


Me: Analogous harmony of orange-yellow as I want it to be simple and quite neutral. I picked yellow as for baby it is usually a gender neutral colour, representing its neutrality.

Home: Analogous harmony of green-blue as many family gathering poster are represented by this colour. Moreover, blue and green can be associated with peace, relaxing and calming which represents my home.

Complete: Triadic colour scheme of primary colours. It is the combination of the main colour from ‘Me’ and ‘Home’. It is vibrant and the dominant colour is red. As such, I purposely not use red in the other two to enhance the red vibrancy here. (it is likely to be the first thing spotted on the last line)

Thanks for reading! To continue to the next post here… 😀

4D Project 03: Genre and Narrative – The NET

Hi! So Jane and I decided to adapt the story of Hansel and Gretel into modern context.

We decided to adapt a part from the story of Hansel and Gretel into modern context. We want to bring out the awareness and danger of meeting strangers online.

Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm:
The characters were left by their parents in the forest (unwanted, especially by stepmother), they got lost and found a house made of cake (were lost) and  and invited by the old grandma (meet a stranger) to come into the house for safety (trusted the stranger as looks reliable and promising on the outside). But the old grandma happen to be a witch who build the house of bread in order to lure and eat kids (it is a trap).

Our character is someone who is studying abroad but unable to go home as the stepmother doesn’t allow her to do so due to financial issue (unwanted, especially by stepmother)Denied to go home, our character is mentally lost and down (were lost), she then chose to express her feeling online where she found a new guy friend (meet a stranger) who appears very caring and nice to her. She trusted him and finally ask him to meet up (trusted the stranger as looks reliable and promising on the outside). After they met, the guy actually kidnap her (it is a trap).



Act 1:
Scene: bedroom
-Gretel calls her father: “Daddy, am I allowed to go home during holiday?
-Daddy: “I am afraid not, darling.”image-2-copy

Act 2:
Scene: bedroom
-Gretel is typing a hopeless Facebook status in her laptop
-Gretel: bends over the desk and cries.
-She received sweet and positive comments from Willson
-Gretel: stared at the reply for a long time, she smiles.


Act 3:
Scene: bedroom
-Gretel takes the phone then put down the phone.
-Finally, she makes a phone call.
-She called her father: “Daddy, please, can you visit me during holiday?
-Daddy: “I am afraid not, darling.”image-5-copy

Act 4:
Scene: bedroom
-Gretel stared at Wilson’s name on the computer screen for a long time
-Finally she types: “Can we meet?”
-She hesitates for a long time.
-She clicks: “Send.”
-Wilson replies: “Okay”

Scene: Sofa area
Gretel is crying: “My father doesn’t want me to go home, because my stepmother doesn’t like me, what should I do?”
Wilson (passes a tissue to Gretel) “It’s okay, everything will be alright.” (passes a cup of water to Gretel)
Gretel uses the tissue to wipe her tear, and then drinks that cup of water.
Gretel: “Wilson, I feel sleepy.”
Wilson smiles: “Have a nap.”image-6-copy

Scene: dark room
-Gretel wakes up
-Looks at the surrounding
-Starts screaming and crying
-Slowly clams down
-Gets away from the ropes (takes a long time)
-Tried to open the door and escape
-Put her ears against the wall
-She hears the sound of steps
-She looks scared
-Next second, she looks determined
-Quickly grabs the metal
-Slowly raises the stone in her hand


However after we filmed following the storyboard, we realised that the trailer will be boring if we follow the storyline hence the order of the scenes are edited in such a way to make it more interesting.

At first we wanted to make a kind of thriller feel trailer, something that will give spine chilling mood like this:

However after we filmed we realised that it is quite extreme and required to take more extreme scenes, hence we  decided to create a more daily life mood trailer. Still about the danger of online stranger, this is our inspiration:

This trailer focuses on the victim’s side and how her life and surroundings are negatively affected. The mood it gives is really feel like daily life and can happen to anyone.

The very first challenge is to find the actors and find suitable timings for everyone. Due to difficulties in finding common time, our first filming took was from 11pm to 3am in the morning while the second filming started 10 pm also.

The greatest challenge that we have is that we filmed at quite low quality (640x480px) and we didn’t have any other time to refill everything. As such we purposely put noise effect at different level during the whole duration of the trailer. Another positive side is that it takes quite an acceptable renderring time for the video.

Another challenge is that neither of us have any experience in video editing before and we were first introduced to PremierPro during the 4D lesson. However, with the help from the lesson and many Youtube videos, I personally find that editing video is quite fun and it is something that I will continue to learn along the way.

Also, a challenging part is to actually find suitable music for the trailer. At the end we decide to go with “Heart Cry Remix [Extended Version]” by Drehz (iTunes) which Jane successfully found.

Video link:

Video description: It is a trailer of a modern adaptation of Hansel and Gretel. It focuses on the danger of meeting a stranger online. Our character is Gretel who is studying abroad but unable to go home as the stepmother doesn’t allow her to do so due to financial issue. Denied to go home, she becomes mentally lost and down and decides to express her feeling online where she found a new guy friend who appears very caring and nice to her. She trusted him and finally ask him to meet up only to found the danger awaits her.

Special thanks to
Prawira Genestonlia as Wilson Itch
Andree Hansen for the father’s voice
“Heart Cry Remix [Extended Version]” by Drehz (iTunes)

Video following the storyboard (Full Flow):

Questions and Answers:

Q. Why ‘the NET’?
A. The ‘net’ is actually short form taken from interNET. And at the same time we want it to bring the message of net used to capture fishes and other animal to bring the idea of trap, confinement and victim.

net2 net

Q. In the original tale the characters are Hansel and Gretel, why do you adapt into only one character?
A. We only have Gretel as we decided to fuse and combine both Hansel and Gretel’s characteristic into one character, Gretel.
Hansel: brave, optimistic, hopeful
Gretel: easily influenced, pessimistic
Our Gretel has all the mentioned characteristics, the transition is before and after she remembers her father’s words.
Part one: Gretel as someone who is easily influenced by Wilson and pessimistic, easily give up and being melancholy
Part two: Gretel as someone who is brave and optimistic, have the hope to escape

Q. Is there any reason for the naming of the characters?
A. The main character is fully named ‘Gretel Hans’ to give the idea of combination of Hansel and Gretel. And as our character is female, we take the first name from the original story’s girl. And for the antagonist name ‘Wilson Itch’ is actually a long form from Witch (Wilson Itch.

Q. Why do you use that font?
A. We want to bring back the fairy tale book concept, hence we are choosing font that looks like handwriting. However it is not so consistent with the whole video  that this intention is not potrayed clearly enough in the video.

Hansel and Gretel Story Book
Hansel and Gretel Story Book

Q. Is there any intended meaning in the video effect used?
A. The noise effect is used along the way as style of the video. For the colour part, it is to show the present and what is happening, it is noisy and grainies to show the dizzines of Gretel when she just woke up in the unknown. While the black and white is more grainy to show it is an unclear but memorable memory from the past and flashback of what happened.

Q. Is it supposed to be an open ending trailer?
A. Yes. We purposely want the audience to be curious about how the ending would be and keep it with their own imagination. As such, we chose a relatively neutral music that gives a glimpse of hope but also has melancholy and thrill.

Hope you enjoy the video! 😀

Ideation of story: Jane and Natasya
Storyboard: Jane
Cameraman: Jane
Actors: Natasya and Prawira
Video editor, special effect and sound: Natasya

3D_004B: Group A’s Final Mood Box and Obscure City of Kirithra

Together with Gloria and Gerald, we managed to finally create our final mood box and final model of our city: Kirithra!


Here is the combined sound file (variation 1 to variation 2) :

Here is the our Mood box and Final Model! (click g7_a_004b for pdf version) 😀

g7_a_004b2-page-002 g7_a_004b2-page-003 g7_a_004b2-page-004 g7_a_004b2-page-005 g7_a_004b2-page-006 g7_a_004b2-page-007 g7_a_004b2-page-008 g7_a_004b2-page-009 g7_a_004b2-page-010 g7_a_004b2-page-011 g7_a_004b2-page-012 g7_a_004b2-page-013 g7_a_004b2-page-014 g7_a_004b2-page-015 g7_a_004b2-page-016 g7_a_004b2-page-017 g7_a_004b2-page-018

VOILA! So that was it! Hope you enjoy and learn something from it. This will be my last post on the bitter sweet journey of 3D Foundation I. Thanks for reading! :’)