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Thoughts on Product Design

Hi! Here are some thoughts on product design 🙂

  1. What is product design?
    For me, I think it is generating ideas to improve and benefit people’s lives by maximising the characteristics of tangible objects so that it will be able to fulfil its purpose effectively in aesthetic and ergonomics way.
  2. What kind of designer do you see yourself?
    I can’t really imagine how but I will be happy to be an online or technology-related designer.
  3. Why do you want to be that designer?
    I didn’t have any specific moment or incident to begin with the thought. but I want to explore more on technology and learn more on how the design of online product (e.g. display) is able to affect, influence and impact lives of the users. At the moment, having to work with online product interests me more than manufacturing a more tangible product. 
  4. What do you think product designers do?
    Mmm… I think product designers start by observing the world to find problems or opportunity to improve on a product. Then, they will do research and learn more on that product. After that, they will brainstorm and generate possibles ideas to solve the problem, choose how they want to do it and finally execute it. As follow up, there should be review, feedback and continuous improvement. Well, to summarise, product designers make the world a better place to live in.

I’m posting this for DR2004 Product Design II. But while typing it, it really made me thinking.. I wonder how will I be years from now, and whether anything I wrote above will still be relevant…