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DR3005_07_Nice Reading: Atmosphere


The reading is nice Reading: Atmosphere by P. Zumthor.

Reading it, one word perfectly described my reactions: WEW!
previously, I’ve never thought of about atmosphere of a place in such depth and big consideration. I feel that the article is really eye-opening and unusual. It took into account the things that we think we know but we never really talk/think about it (until we read it)… It is the atmosphere taken for granted that was actually can be designed and engineered.

Honestly, creating and planning such atmosphere seem really attractive to me… Like, I used to justify myself (and my family and friends) to go to places with good atmosphere because it has the ‘mood’. Further thinking about it, it leads up to the ‘ambience’ such places provide in addition the the available facilities (aka WIFI and power plug, and maybe some background music).

But my point is, after reading the e-book, I realised that there are much more than that. The atmosphere does not only consist of what is presence at the moment… it was influenced and created way long before that when one decided to build the place.

WEW. Such an insightful view. Now I kind of see ‘atmosphere’ of places differently.. LOL