2D_002_Research: The Linkway Bridge


So for the zine research, I went to the do a primary research on Kallang area, which I posted here. Initially I planned to have the zine on the Singapore Sports Hub but on the way I found the Linkway Bridge which finally become my main topic for the zine. Its geometrical pattern and environment enchanted me.

Then, I decided to do more secondary research on this Linkway Bridge.

The bridge is located for about 800 meters from Kallang MRT. It connects the Singapore Sports Hub from the Nicoll Highway. It was built together with the Singapore Sports Hub, the costruction was completed in June 2014 and were officially opened on July 26, 2015. It was a project done by The Lumitron, where they designed and planned the lighting.

I intended to put some survey questions and decided to went back for more detail primary information and then ask the survey around in the Singapore Sports Hub area.

For the first question, I decided to ask the number of entrance/exit to the bridge.
The results are 10, with the description:
– 1 main entrance from Nicoll Highway (consist 4 sets of staircase)
– 1 main exit which is the connection to the Singapore Sports Hub
– 4 staircases on one side of the bridge (2 exits to Stadium Drive & 2 exits to Nicoll Highway)
– 4 lifts on the other side of the bridge (2 exits to Stadium Drive & 2 exits to Nicoll Highway)

Secondly, I decided to ask the length of the bridge.
To check on this, I first use Google Maps and put two points at the two end of the bridge, roughly it measures between 140-160 meters.
Then, on my second visit I measure the time I took to walk normally from one end to the other end. It took me 2 minutes and 14 seconds.

Here is a 3 minutes video summarizing the walk from Kallang MRT to the Linkway Bridge!

And here is a 4 minutes video of the Linkway Bridge!

They were my first two ‘documentation’ videos. I really hope you enjoy it!
Thank you!

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