3D_003_Process: Getting The Grenas Robot


So Amelia, Yit Ling and I had separated the workload for each person to research more on one element of our installation.

So I am supposed to get the materials inspired by the ‘homemade Wobblebot’ bellow.

I went to Sim Lim and get the following:
– DC motor
– Battery pack
– Switch
– LED light

Other than that, I also want to try using some toys have the idea of taking out their materials for our robots.

I bought some car toys and did some experiment with balloon on it.

There are two types:

  1. The Orange Car
    It is one that after you pull the car back, it will move forward.
    How it normally goes:

    After attaching a balloon:

  2. The Yellow Chicken
    It is the one that you turn around to ‘charge’ the gear first and let it go.
    How it normally goes:

    How it moves with a balloon attached:

    For this one, the balloon tied to the head seem to be preventing the chicken from moving. It is because the head also plays part in moving along with the machine, as the head become to heavy the machine stops. Also, the big balloon on top but small wheels below make the center of gravity shifts up. It causes imbalance and thus chicken also tilts to the sides at some points of time.

  3. The Pink And Blue Caterpillar
    It has the same work as the yellow chicken, however has different shape and wheel.
    How it moves with a balloon attached

    This one is the most successful toy to be attache with a balloon. It keeps on moving despite the air resistance the balloon gave. It also has an interesting horizontal movement!Then I also tried to dismantle the caterpillar and tried to take out the components and move it to customize it. However as the shape is designed for the caterpillar body, it does not work well when I put the wheel and dynamo on other items. So, nah it does not work.

Despite the caterpillar can actually moves, it is not convenient to keep on turning the gear of the toys or keep on changing the direction of the toys. So it is concluded that I should move on and try using DC motor.

I connected the circuit and assemble it! And yeayyyy it works!
This is our very first model prototype that brought to class.

Later on, we tried to modify it and changed here and there. We eventually changed into CD disk and cover the top with a plastic bowl!

So that’s the initial on how we get the Grenas robot!
Thank you 😀

(More installation process coming up real soon!)

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