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Project 2: Forrest Gump (Process 2)

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So here is the last post on the process that lead to my final Forrest Gump compositions . The previous part of the process, specifically presenting about dragon can be seen here !

My second quote is: ” There are a few warriors amongst us.” In this post I will cover some personal views about the issue of warrior and society.

For my first composition, I portray ‘us’ as various and different type of weird beast and animal (e.g. two heads, six legs, chimera of many animals, etc). However in between those weird creatures there are a few human warriors. I used the spiral pattern to show that the focus is centralized on the real white warrior in the middle. At the same time I gave other warriors in the compositions black color to tell that the they represent the idea of warrior (its shadow), not necessary a warrior in a literal way (e.g. the idea of parents and teacher as warrior for children). I also want to say that everybody can be a warrior in their own way!

Composition 1: my very first Warrior Quote composition
Composition 1: my very first Warrior Quote composition

Other than that, I also tried to invert the color of the beast and warrior. I made the beasts to be black (shadow) while the warrior are all white. This composition portray the idea of a true warrior among a fake and unreal condition in the society. Maybe I am hoping anyone who see this can feel the idea of hope (warrior in every field) among the broken society.

Composition 2: the invert effect
Composition 2: the invert effect

I also want to bring a message when planning the next composition. However this one is quite hard to be understood and did not fully successful to portray the Warrior Quote. I collected different types of hat to show different type of occupation and job in the society. I took all the hat from paintings to get the gradient and color effect. I also chose some warrior (military leader) hats (the one with feather, male model only) to bring  the idea of warrior. At the same time, the position of those warriors hats is creating a figure of a woman wearing a hat in a long dress. Basically, I want this composition to show the role of woman as a warrior in the society. Also to break the stereotype of man is the only gender to be warriors. This is the part that is difficult to understand which made me not use it for final submission despite the hidden meaning.

Composition 3: the confusing warrior
Composition 3: the confusing composition for women warriors

Next, another composition is again has the idea of society and the presence of warrior in any type of field in life. For background, I used the a picture of human cell to show that the seed of warrior is actually inside everyone of us. Then, I added chess pieces as my way of showing different role, status and level of people in our society. As for the warrior, I wanted the knight piece to be seen as the warrior among the many pieces. The warrior inside us want to show that whatever you are now, you can be anything you want! Honestly I really like the idea of using human cells, however due to the messy and not so clean edit, this composition may show unclear and confusing message, also giving the idea of laziness.

Composition 4: the warrior inside us
Composition 4: the warrior inside us

Finally, it is one of the composition I decided to be included as a final submission:

Composition 5: the warrior across time

This composition is about how the society is confused and wonder about the presence of a warrior among them. Some may be in awe but many are confused and did not understand how can someone be a warrior in real life and appear in their time. The picture of crowd I used is actually taken from a biblical and religious painting in which Jesus Christ was the real main attention of the confusion of the people. I want to bring the idea of confusion on the presence of a warrior in the society to show the fact that the idea of society warrior is not always accepted and welcomed by the people. Moreover, I purposely put the warrior and crowd that came from different era to show that this problem has been occurring every time despite the era we are living in (e.g. from the rejection of Jesus as Mesiah by the crowd in the past to the rejection of honest political figure because they are not as rich as the corrupt leader now.)

Basically that is all for my process. At the end I decided to use Composition 1 and Composition 5 to represent the Warrior Quote in my final submissions. I hope that this post can share some insights and maybe inspire others!

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Project 2: Forrest Gump (Process 1)


So here is my 2D Project 2 Process laughing.

I chose the movie Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012). Then I decided to go with 2 quotes: “The dragon has long been on your mind” and “There are a few warriors amongst us”.

I will do it chronologically from the very first composition I made.

I started from the first quote: “The dragon has long been on your mind”

My very first composition
Composition 1: My very first composition

I composed this while learning on posterise and threshold effect on photoshop. The result was not pure black and white and I didn’t really like the colour. Moreover, I didn’t really understand the project a first, hence I made it very very literal. Like literally a dragon is in one’s mind, and the person is represented as a skeleton to show that it has been going on for a long time (a lifetime).

After trying to understand the project and learn about the photoshop effect more ( I really like threshold! ) , I finally able to produce a much more decent composition.

Composition 2: My first decent composition

However the idea is still very literal as before. It shows someone from young till death (skeleton) who is having a dragon walking and passing through his head (mind). And I put a mandala to show a kind of explosion on the skeleton mind. I didn’t really like this one as the difference in media (doom taken from painting, some from statue, etc) make the change of age of the person messy.Moreover, I also had feedback that maybe the mandala and dragon composition will be enough.

After exploring more and more possibilities I finally had a composition which I really like.

Composition 3 – black version

I really really like this one.
The pendant is used to represent time (long time) and dragons are coming out from the time. The dragons are taken from different type of media (painting, wood engraving, stone and drawing) to show the many dragon that has been thought of. And choice of weird type of dragon is to give the composition interesting and unusual image. The Medusa represents a person thinking about something and the head is just nicely complement the composition.

However, this after I made the inverse version, the picture come out nicer, less scary and able to portray the quote more. Hence I chose the white version of it to be one of the final compositions.

Composition 3 – white version

Another composition is below. It was made accidentally but people say that it is the best one out of my compositions.

Composition 4: The lucky accident

Initial idea:
“The dragon has been long on your mind” may make the person going crazy from thinking of dragon his whole life, making me want to portray it by creating composition of dancing skeleton and dragon. The person too crazy that it represented by skeleton that endlessly dancing. Hence I used this cheerfully dancing skeletons as I planned to made a festive ritual between the crazy skeletons and dragon.

The dancing skeletons
The dancing skeletons

However, as I keep on duplicating and duplicating the skeleton, a different and opposite mood is created. The final composition feels much more gloomy and dark to me. It is like the skeleton are now sacrifices for the dragon.  As the mood of final composition is very different from my initial plan, I feel that this composition is accidental. But I like it a lot 😀

Finally, my last composition for this first quote:

Composition 5: the dragon and mind
Composition 5: the dragon and mind

It is a modification of composition 2, however it focuses on the dragon and explosion (mandala) more by removing the confusing human stages. The mandala in composition 2 is changed into the one with an eye in the middle to represent an explosion of mind instead.  The dragon and ‘mind’ is purposely arranged like they are having an eye contact to show their connected and ‘fond’ relationship. However, as I want my final composition the balance (same composition for each quote), I have to choose only the best 2 of all this compositions, which were composition 3 and 4.

Thank you for reading! Post on part 2 process  (the Warrior Quote) is here (coming soon)! And click here to see the final submissions for this project!

Hope you enjoy it ! laughing


Project 2: Forrest Gump (Final)


So here is my final best hard copy compositions for our 2D Project 2: Forrest Gump laughing

Project presentation during critique session

Here are the details of each composition:

Final composition 01
Final composition 02
Final composition 03
Final composition 04

And here are additional compositions I submitted for the Media Wall smile

Additional composition 01
Additional composition 02
Additional composition 03
Additional composition 04
Additional composition 05
Additional composition 06

Also, the meaning and concept behind every compositions can be found here (part 1) and here (part 2 coming soon) !

Thank you for reading 😀

The final compositions and me!