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3D_002: 3D Final Model and Applications


So for 3D class I chose the improved version of my Model 1 in my previous 3D post to be my Final Model!

Photo of my Final Model:

My Final Model from different sides
  • Relationship: Cylinder is Dominant (D), cone is Sub-Dominant (SD), and sphere is Subordinate (SO)
  • Method: Wedging between SD and SO
  • Proportion and Rhythm
    Inherent: Sphere has the smallest diameter, around one-third of cone diameter. While the cone has diameter about one-third (~0.333) of cylinder (disk). So, the cylinder has the largest diameter.
    Comparative: Cone is the greatest in mass, followed by cylinder then sphere.
    Overall: Cone has a precarious balance on cylinder while the sphere is dependent on the cone.
  • Comment: There was no much changes made to my Final Model. The main change is the addition of the Dominant diameter hence area of cylinder. However this small change really alter the impression of the model. At first, there was relatively high tension between axes of D and SD, and the change has significantly reduced this tension, creating an even better flow. Also, despite its precarious balance, the model looks natural and firm.

Also, this is the 2D Sketch Analysis of the Final Model:

Final Model 2D Sketch Analysis
  • From both sides it is shown that the Dominant, Sub-Dominant and Subordinate in my Final Model is constant throughout.
  • From side A, as the length of SD is around half D, I think I should pierced through the SD to move it up and occupy more of the top part of the D.
  • From side B, the proportion between D and SD look balance and good.
  • Then, I will also move the SO outward to make it visible from the other side of the D.
2D Sketch of Improved Final Model
Legend for 2D Sketch

And bellow are the applications of my Final Model!

OYIC!! – Application of Final Model #1
360-Cube Joystick! – Application of Final Model #2

And last but not least, a short video of 360-Cube Joystick on Mario Kart:

Hope you enjoy the post! 😀