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2D_002_Research: The Linkway Bridge


So for the zine research, I went to the do a primary research on Kallang area, which I posted here. Initially I planned to have the zine on the Singapore Sports Hub but on the way I found the Linkway Bridge which finally become my main topic for the zine. Its geometrical pattern and environment enchanted me.

Then, I decided to do more secondary research on this Linkway Bridge.

The bridge is located for about 800 meters from Kallang MRT. It connects the Singapore Sports Hub from the Nicoll Highway. It was built together with the Singapore Sports Hub, the costruction was completed in June 2014 and were officially opened on July 26, 2015. It was a project done by The Lumitron, where they designed and planned the lighting.

I intended to put some survey questions and decided to went back for more detail primary information and then ask the survey around in the Singapore Sports Hub area.

For the first question, I decided to ask the number of entrance/exit to the bridge.
The results are 10, with the description:
– 1 main entrance from Nicoll Highway (consist 4 sets of staircase)
– 1 main exit which is the connection to the Singapore Sports Hub
– 4 staircases on one side of the bridge (2 exits to Stadium Drive & 2 exits to Nicoll Highway)
– 4 lifts on the other side of the bridge (2 exits to Stadium Drive & 2 exits to Nicoll Highway)

Secondly, I decided to ask the length of the bridge.
To check on this, I first use Google Maps and put two points at the two end of the bridge, roughly it measures between 140-160 meters.
Then, on my second visit I measure the time I took to walk normally from one end to the other end. It took me 2 minutes and 14 seconds.

Here is a 3 minutes video summarizing the walk from Kallang MRT to the Linkway Bridge!

And here is a 4 minutes video of the Linkway Bridge!

They were my first two ‘documentation’ videos. I really hope you enjoy it!
Thank you!

2D Project 2
2D_002_Zine_Research: Chosen Topics
2D_002_Zine_Research: The Kallang Journey
2D_002_Research: Zine References
2D_002_Research: The Linkway Bridge
2D_002_Process: Zine
2D_002_Final: Zine

2D_002_Research: Zine References


So, for the Zine final project, we were asked to find 5 zines as references. I get them by browsing through many websites and the five I like are taken from Behance, the source link is linked to the title of each zine.

  1. Zine Risografia E Serigrafia
    From this zine, I like the idea of two analogous colors being combined together. Not necessarily having same proportion in every page and not necessarily one being more dominant either.
  2. An Experiment in Risograph
    From this zine, the idea of risograph attracts me, maybe it is the analogous color combination also. But from here, I learnt and researched more on the effect of overprint. And I hope I could implement this effect in my zine.

  3. The Art of the DJ Zine
    This zine inspired me to convert real photo into the illustration kind. I planned to do this by editing the photo in Photoshop then using the ‘image trace’ function in Adobe Illustrator.
  4. Mindset 
    The complementary colors of this zine really catch my eyes and I love how it gives me the feeling of strength yet sweet..? I sampled my zine theme color from this zine.
  5. Crime Zine
    For the proportion of my mainly 2 complementary colors, I decided to follow this zine. It looks balanced yet actually each spread has one more dominating color.


So I decided to implements those interesting elements for my zine.

  • Style and effect of pages uses a kind of risograph and overprint from Zine Risografia E Serigrafia and An Experiment in Risograph
  • Style of the photos uses image trace effect like The Art of the DJ Zine
  • Colors sampled from the Mindset
  • Proportion of colors inspired by the looks balance composition of Crime Zine



2D Project 2
2D_002_Zine_Research: Chosen Topics
2D_002_Zine_Research: The Kallang Journey
2D_002_Research: Zine References
2D_002_Research: The Linkway Bridge
2D_002_Process: Zine
2D_002_Final: Zine

2D_002_Zine_Research: The Kallang Journey


Okay so I went to Kallang at night.

I decided to walk over the sheltered walkway to Singapore Sports Hub (SSH). And ya it was my first time walking there from Kallang MRT. And the way was fully sheltered except when crossing the roads.
On the way, there was some restaurants on the side of the road, and I considered to went there during the day and use ‘food of Kallang’ as one of the research.

The walk continued and all I saw was the sheltered way, not many cars and pedestrians. Just like normal Singapore at night. Significance are the sheltered way and road signs.

The Road Signs
On The Way
The Sheltered Walkways

As the sheltered way finally reach Singapore Sports Hub, I reached the link way bridge to the SSH. The bridge has geometrical shapes in its architecture. I ended up taking a lot of pictures of the bridge. I didn’t thought there would be such interesting bridge. I chose the linkway bridge as my main focus. For complete photos, the slides are posted here.

View from The Linkway Bridge

Continuing the journey, I finally reached the SSH. Having not explored the place before, I didn’t know that they would have outdoor field and arena for sports (thought all indoor). As expected, there were groups of people exercising and playing games around. I intended to approach them but they seemed occupied and tired..? So ya, I decided to do the interviews on my next visit when it is not the end of the day.

Some Activities

Then I continue to explore the SSH and took some more pictures.

Some Posters
Other Interesting Details
Some Architectural Patterns

Continuing the visit, another interesting and pretty thing I found was the night view of Singapore from the rooftop of SSH 🙂

The Pretty Nightview

Then, I needed to catch the MRT and walked my way to the Stadium MRT. Taking some pictures along the way.

Some Shiny Lights

And apparently even the MRT has a lot of geometrical pattern!

Overall, it was a short yet interesting trip for me. There were some elements that I want to explore more. So far the most interesting part is the architectural pattern of the linkway bridge.

My Favourite Photo of the Journey