DR2008_02_Assignment: Navigating without GPS

Do a simple exercise over the next week:  without using GPS for your device to navigate, find your way to some place new.  How do you do it and what happens along the way?

Create a “counter-map” or alternative map of your experience.

When I first came to Singapore in 2011, I stayed for 2 months in a dorm named Parry Hall before it ceased its operation. For the address, Parry Hall is located at 30 Parry Ave, Singapore 547258 (taken from the internet) and it also said that it is permanently closed. It has been years and I could only remember that it is located at residential houses and the nearest MRT station is Kovan. In the past, we took bus to go to school and return by public transport. I used to get lost if not walking back with the others. The residential area felt like a maze and when the assignment was mentioned, I would like to try to return to Parry Hall from Kovan without GPS for the experience. I want to know if I could still remember the way back after almost 8 years.

So… this is my experience trying to find my way back to Parry Hall from Kovan MRT station!

Overall, it is a very interesting experience! I found out how the sense of familiarity is something that one can still feel even after years. And that my memory is not that bad also! 😀

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