DR2008_10-13_Final Project Preparation (Part 2: Development)

Artworks Categorisation

I proceed with grouping and analysing each artwork. As there will be two routes, I want both of them to be complementary to each other, and for the artworks to be able to be classified and categorised together.

I realised that the number of initial artwork of 13 (including landmarks) was too much, thus I wanted to shortlist them. In doing so, I read more on each artwork and how they can be categorised and grouped.

And I end up with these possible categories:

  1. traditional art (painting & sculpture)
  2. community art
  3. renewable energy art
  4. functional art
  5. eco-friendly art

with this, I grouped the artworks to be:

  1. traditional art: Vibrance & The Wind and Wings
  2. community art: Media Art Nexus & Apollo’s Dream
  3. renewable energy art: Fern & Dandelion
  4. functional art: Red Solace & Tete-a-tete
  5. other art: Untitled (historical) & The Third Paradise (mixed media)

and also eliminated three artwork which are The Hive, Yunnan Garden and Loop.

Tour Route

Processing the information, I created the routes for the plan

(North Group)
Dandelion > Media Art Nexus > Fern > Red Solace > Apollo’s Dream > The Third Paradise

(South Group)
Dandelion  > The Wind and Wings > Vibrance > Untitled > Téte-a-tété > The Third Paradise

Tour Device

For the use of device, I decided to use mobile phone for every participant and the number of participants per group will be limited to eight.

Tour Aim

Planning further after realising the different category of artworks, I wanted to make the experience to be more meaningful for the target audience, ADM freshmen by showing them on how their study in ADM can lead to different possibilities of artworks that they can create, and even to be a part of NTU Museum. The tour hopefully will serve as an eye-opener as well as motivation for the newly enrolling students.

Tour Activities

I continued with the possible activities at the artworks. The idea was to use Augmented Reality (AR) in order to identify and interact with the artworks where afterwards, everyone will get to collect information about the artworks. The information will later on be shared among the two groups in order to complete the final task and finish the tour.


Some feedback that I got about this:

  1. It is a good idea to have involve a specific target audience with a specific purpose of the tour
  2. The NTU Museum is relevant for ADM students where students are part of the design process of some artworks
  3. AR is expensive and may brainstorm to more affordable solution

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