DR2008_10-13_Final Project Preparation (Part 4: Survey and Trip)



  1. Year of study
  2. Gender
  3. How familiar are you with NTU Mobile App?
  4. Any opinion on NTU Mobile App? 
  5. How familiar are you with NTU Museum?
  6. Any opinion on NTU Museum?
  7. Did you join the ADM Orientation when you were a freshman?
  8. Do you think it’s important to know the artworks in NTU? Why?
  9. Would you prefer to explore artworks in a group or individual?
  10. How do you find the idea of exploring artworks in NTU as part of ADM Orientation?



I went to a trip for both routes to take photos, measure travel time as well as finalising activities on each artworks.

Some notes from the trip

  • Untitled is inaccessible as the venue is being closed for exam preparation
  • The furthest is to go from Tete-a-tete to The Third Paradise (North Group)
  • The closest artworks are Media Art Nexus and Fern (North Group)

Each game duration is set at maximum 8 minutes, except for the final game 20 minutesl

After collating the travel time and adding buffer time, and adding game duration, this is the estimated tour duration:

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