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4D Project 2: Sequentially – Impossibilities of Being


So for our 4D Project 2, we are required to take 90 pictures and combine them to tell a story.

Final Video:

Title: BFF 4 Life


The main storyline is adapted form a Korean Drama titled ‘Personal Taste’. It was based on the main character (Park Gae-In) past.



The main character just lost her dog due to an accident when she left her dog with her bestie hence she is blaming her bestie for the death. She got into a dream that recalls the night of the accident. During the dream her subconscious reminded her that actually she didn’t tie the dog’s leash properly before leaving it to her bestie, so actually it was her fault! Then she recalls all the bad and mean things she did to the bestie, feeling so guilty and depressed. However the bestie came to her dream, forgive her and they reconcile! 😀

The 90 photos: screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-9-28-52-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-12-at-9-27-29-pm

More explanation on the scenes:



Artist references:

  • Posterised facial expression
    Inspired by Andy Warhol’s: The Shot of Marilyns. It is part of a mass-produced images of celebrities Warhol created in the 1960s. He painted Marilyn that had different brightly coloured background with different color and representational form to convey different sensations and emotions.
Installation view of Andy Warhol: The Shot Marilyns, 1964
Installation view of Andy Warhol: The Shot Marilyns, 1960s

Hence, the facial expressions in my photos are posterise so that different color can help enhance the feeling and emotions conveyed (more intense color showing more emotional condition).

  • Colourful fairy effect
    Inspired by fairy photos in Paul Johnson Photography , which show the fairy to be in bright color while the surrounding is dark, I decided to give the colourful effect when the main character became a fairy in the dream.

Paul Johnson Photography

    Paul Johnson Photography

Reflections: I realise that my story has become far too complicated for 90 photos. If I could redo it I will focus on simple but effective photos. Moreover, I should take another person to be the bestie to avoid confusion of the already complicated story. On the other side, I really enjoy the planning and execution process of this project.

Special thanks: To those who have helped me take pictures at weird timings and places of the day, really thankful and appreciate it :)!
Kezia Agatha : photos in the bedroom 😀
Angelysia Cardella: photos at Nanyang Hill in the middle of the night :”’)
Clarita Saslim: photos of facial expressions and movement with white background in ADM :))

Thank you for reading! I really enjoy this project and hope to learn more about 4D 🙂