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2D_001_Final: Que Sara


Here is the final submissions:
All is inspired by culture in different countries.
My batik maker and shadow puppeteer are Indonesian traditional clothing and show respectively.
While the vampire hunter is related to Chinese belief about ghost.
Ad the coloured sand artist is souvenir art from the Arabian countries.
2-kecilChinese Vampire Hunter4-kecil



It was fun learning new different stuffs. During this project, I learnt to use Adobe Illustrator much more extensively than I ever before. I also learnt the feature of ‘timeline’ in Adobe Photoshop to create gif. file format. I also feel that I learnt a lot more in term of composing and arranging element in each page. It was a tough job to do, practicing it is tougher than knowing the theory alone.

Other than technical skill, I also learnt to keep on doing until the end as I honestly feel that there is no ending in art. Like even after I think I have finished my composition, I end up changing it after some other time. And this process can just continue until I am satisfied. I realize actually this can go on and on if there is no deadline for the artwork. I might find another better composition for the above submissions one day.

There is no such thing as the best composition, there is only a better one as one keep on learning and improving themselves.