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3D_004B: Group A’s Final Mood Box and Obscure City of Kirithra

Together with Gloria and Gerald, we managed to finally create our final mood box and final model of our city: Kirithra!


Here is the combined sound file (variation 1 to variation 2) :

Here is the our Mood box and Final Model! (click g7_a_004b for pdf version) 😀

g7_a_004b2-page-002 g7_a_004b2-page-003 g7_a_004b2-page-004 g7_a_004b2-page-005 g7_a_004b2-page-006 g7_a_004b2-page-007 g7_a_004b2-page-008 g7_a_004b2-page-009 g7_a_004b2-page-010 g7_a_004b2-page-011 g7_a_004b2-page-012 g7_a_004b2-page-013 g7_a_004b2-page-014 g7_a_004b2-page-015 g7_a_004b2-page-016 g7_a_004b2-page-017 g7_a_004b2-page-018

VOILA! So that was it! Hope you enjoy and learn something from it. This will be my last post on the bitter sweet journey of 3D Foundation I. Thanks for reading! :’)