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3D_004A: Group A Individual Mood Box (PDF)


So for this project I am in the same group with Gloria and Gerald, basically we are to come up with 3 things:

  1. Sound
  2. Mood Box
  3. Obscure City

Here is our 2 sound variations:

Variation 1: Egg Shaker (D), Finger Cymbals (SD), Rhythm Sticks (SO)

Variation 2: Rhythm Sticks (D), Egg Shaker (SD), Finger Cymbals (SO)


So, based on the sounds, each of us created our individual Mood Box (it is how we personally interpret the sound and create it into a 3D).

Here is our personal sound interpretation and Mood Box (click g7_a_004a for PDF version):

g7_a_004a-page-002 g7_a_004a-page-003 g7_a_004a-page-004 g7_a_004a-page-005g7_a_004a-page-006 g7_a_004a-page-007 g7_a_004a-page-008 g7_a_004a-page-009g7_a_004a-page-010 g7_a_004a-page-011 g7_a_004a-page-012

Thanks for reading! Our group Mood Box and Obscure City are coming soon!  laughing