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Here is the the final sound texturizer: THE SOUNDTUBE and its possible applications!
For PDF version: 002_NATASYA

I learnt to experiment a lot during this exercise! It was actually fascinating to try out different sounds 😀
I liked how it turned out to be really customizable.

An improvement I could do is to change the carton cylinder into PVC type or even metal cylinder so as to minimize the sound dampening and get a more echo-y sound. I imagined it to have an even more hollow and crisp sound. Then maybe the effect of the plug might be more obvious.
Another thing might be to change the method of creating sound by rotating to shaking the tube. Shaking might create a more intense and interesting sound instead of the plain rotation. Moreover, if I keep the idea of water inside, shaking it might allow the water sound to be heard more clearly.

Well, it was fun 😀
Will post the process and ideation real soon!

P.S. I was really scared that the texturizer will get confiscated at the airport as I bring them as hand carry, it has a lot of sharp wires and other metal elements! (I planned to do some updates at home but couldn’t find the time, sorry:( ). But good thing it didn’t get confiscated and I still have it with me now :’)

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