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Project 3: Ego (Process)

Hi! This is my first post for my  2D Final Project: Ego.
This post is about the inspiration, process and colour theory of each composition.
Click here to see the final composition.

coba-ini-minInitial Inspiration:
Most of my inspiration is from the book that Ms Ina lent me, Drawn to Stitch by Gwen Hedley. Starting from that book, I research more books in the library which finally lead to the ideation for my Ego composition.

Drawn to Stitch
Drawn to Stitch by Gwen Hedley

General Process:
I used watercolour paper for all the base.
For colour, I used Carand’ache Neocolor II in which I used it as oil pastel first then I added water to activate the colour.
There are some which have printed paper pasted on and some other materials.

1. Carefree + Singapore = Discipline


Inspiration: Fiber Art Today by Carol K. Russell

Fiber Art Today
Fiber Art Today

Carefree: It was made by first colouring the rice paper with the oil pastel then adding water to make the colour spread. Then colour the paper as well. Then colour the long paper.

Singapore: paste the photo, then colour the background with blue. then cut wire mesh and paste it by sewing it to the paper.

Discipline: Same process as carefree for the crumpled rice paper, and wire for the Singapore.

Some pictures during the process

Colour theory:


Carefree: Analogous harmony of red to yellow. I used this warm colour to show the happiness and excitement before I came to Singapore.

Singapore: Analogous harmony of blue green to blue violet. It is a likely colour for me as blue represents sadness, the confinement within rules and regulations.

Discipline: Analogous harmony of warm and cool. The balance between carefree and Singapore culture which results in discipline me.

2. Expressive – Indonesia = Faceless


The main idea is from Pinterest’s C. Scanface post where people scan their faces and body part. Ms Ina told me that I can use this method as a way to express me in the compostion.scanface

Expressive: I printed the scan imaged of me being expressive, add the leaves pattern using white colour pencil and red oil pastel.  Using sewing machine, I created the pattern using red and orange thread. Trim the sides of the picture to make it more expressive. Then connect the thread to the second composition.

Some scanned images
The chosen scanned image

Indonesia: First colour the paper read and white as the background. I cut some batik and collected some leave and twigs. then I pasted it with the shape of Garuda by using sewing machine. Then connect the thread to the third composition.


Faceless: Using the same printed scan image, create the pattern using dark blue and pale blue thread. Trim the sides of the picture to make it more blue.

Some pictures during the process

Colour theory:

colour-2This three compositions have many neutral colours like black and white.

Expressive: Analogous harmony or red and red orange
I want to focus more on the energy in red hence it is a very warm and expressive.

Indonesia: Analogous harmony of yellow and yellow green + red
The composition is mainly yellow green as I used very leaves and purposely picked greenish batik.

Faceless: Analogous harmony of blue green and blue to create the sadness and blue of the lack of identity.

This three composition is makes split complementary harmony when combined together. This is because I want to create a strong visual contrast between the ‘Expressive’ and ‘Faceless’.

3. Creative x ADM = Passion


Inspiration: Ghada Amer Red diagonals.


Ghada Amer (Egypt, b. 1963), "Red Diagonales," 2000. Arcylic, embroidery and gel medium on canvas, 72 × 72 in. (182.9 cm x 182.9 cm).
Ghada Amer (Egypt, b. 1963), “Red Diagonales,” 2000. Arcylic, embroidery and gel medium on canvas, 72 × 72 in. (182.9 cm x 182.9 cm).

Creative:  I created the splash and drip using oil pastel.Then I created the pattern using green and yellow using sewing machine.

ADM: I painted the ADM building using oil pastel then pasted photos of my work there.

Passion: I coloured the background using oil pastel then sew the fire shape using sewing machine.

Some pictures during the process

Colour theory:

Creative: Accented analogic of red violet and yellow to green.
If we break down the relationship, the red violet and yellow green (complementary) gives strong visual contrast which help to emphasise the creativity feature while the green and yellow thread, split complementary of the red-violet, help enhancing the contrast and vibrant of red purple.

ADM: Accented analogic of blue violet and orange to yellow.
The complementary blue and orange contrasts the responsible of blue and happiness of orange, which I feel in ADM.

Passion: Analogous harmony of warm and cool.
This colour scheme really balance the composition and give an interesting harmony. The richness in colour give the feeling of fullness for the passion.

4. Me + Home = Complete


Inspiration: A HUMUMENT by Tom Phillips.

A HUMUMENT by Tom Phillips

Me and Home: Firstly, I cut and give some colour to the photos with threshold effect. Using newspaper as the base, I pasted my photo and outline it with black non water soluble oil pastel. Also, using the same tools created the black wavy pattern

Complete: I prepared black and white threshold photo of my family, then I prepared strips of red, yellow and blue acetate paper. Arrange it in order vertically then horizontally.

Some pictures during the process

Colour theory:


Me: Analogous harmony of orange-yellow as I want it to be simple and quite neutral. I picked yellow as for baby it is usually a gender neutral colour, representing its neutrality.

Home: Analogous harmony of green-blue as many family gathering poster are represented by this colour. Moreover, blue and green can be associated with peace, relaxing and calming which represents my home.

Complete: Triadic colour scheme of primary colours. It is the combination of the main colour from ‘Me’ and ‘Home’. It is vibrant and the dominant colour is red. As such, I purposely not use red in the other two to enhance the red vibrancy here. (it is likely to be the first thing spotted on the last line)

Thanks for reading! To continue to the next post here… 😀