3 Finalised Designs

Below are the final 3 designs of the other movie quotes I have done. Each image is accompanied by a movie quote which is represented by the image.

Do or do not, there is no try – Yoda, Star Wars

Do or do not, there is no try

This design shows a fish on a conveyor belt moving left to right. As it moves forward, it will fall over the edge and be tossed into the fire. Its death is symbolised by the fish bones. As the quote is about how we either do something, or not do it at all, this part of the image shows the “DO NOT” of the quote.

However, at the top of the design is a fish with its head pointed toward the sky, to signify that it had jumped away from the fire and into an alternate “space”, which is water, and survived. This part of the image shows the “DO IT” part of the quote, which tells us to go for it and YOLO, because there is no such thing as “try”.

I used black against white at the top and bottom of the image to represent the different spaces – water at the top (with the addition of water droplet shapes) and fire at the bottom (which can be seen by the flame shapes near the edge where the white and black meet).

Together we can rule the galaxy as father and son – Darth Vader, Star Wars

Together we can rule the galaxy as father and son

This image shows a man and a boy looking away. The bigger figure implies the father and the boy implies the son. And them looking out into deep space shows the ruling of the galaxy in the quote. The father is a Samurai, wielding two swords to show how he is looking to conquer what is before him – the galaxy, and is also a hidden reference to Darth Vader, the character who says the quote, as the costume for Darth Vader was inspired by a Samurai.

The huge circles are planets, which give the galaxy an identity of something rule-able.

Your destiny lies with me, young Skywalker – Darth Vader, Star Wars

Your destiny lies with me, young Skywalker

I went with a concept of using the Yin and Yang symbol to represent the light and dark side of the Force, which is a recurring theme in the Star Wars trilogy – the balance of Light and Dark. On the right side, the dark side is represented, vaguely showing the character Darth Vader, signifying the father and a baby AT-AT (a vehicle in the movie) in a circle on the left to signify the son, Luke Skywalker.

I am looking to improve the image to make it more obvious that it is a baby AT-AT.


Star Wars, for the win.



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